Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hi Bobby here I have been thinking of my little Bess today how we ran about and played, I have been thinking about her because of this Mop. Every time we go out we have had to come back sooner than normal because it always manages to get soaked through.

John promised we would walk right along the beach but half way Molly jumped of a rock into water and the Mop followed and had to swim, then it began to shiver so we had to come back.
In Backhouse Park it runs into the stream as soon as we get there then it starts to get cold and back home we have to go again. There was I thinking Mops were supposed to get wet I still have much to learn.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Hi, Its me Bobby and I am not in the best of moods, since the Mop could come out with us, it has made my life worse, if that's possible.
I love my squeaky toys, and I take my squeaky ball out with me, and of course the Mop wants it
so it grabbed it then dropped it in to the stream.
The thing is John fished it out and put it up on the bridge the Mop grabbed it, as John was getting back up it put its head over and dropped it in again.

I could not believe it dared to do it again, when John got it out he slipped in so he was walking round the park squelching. I missed my chance to give it a push I was to busy worrying in case I lost my ball.
If Molly's ball goes in she just runs in after it in fact she goes in anyway.
Well when we came back the Mop was running around with a pair of Brenda's pants and that's no mean feat John calls them Granny knickers but these are even bigger. The mop ran behind the sofa with them. Brenda said I have just bought them its a body slimmer anyway it has now chewed a hole in whatever it is, so the Mop got a telling off again.HE HE.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Well first I would like to say how good I thought Ben looked with his bandanna, I have told him to take no notice of those who think he looks wussy.
I would have liked a nice red one, It would look nice against my white coat, if I ever get a nice home I will ask for one. As I said to Ben If its good enough for John Wayne and the once President of the USA in their movies, then its ok for us boys.

Well I was quite pleased today the Mop got a toilet roll and ran in the room and started to tear it to bits so it got told off HE HE.
Then I got mad again that two faced Molly started playing with the Mop I could not believe it she had all of its head in her mouth and did not shut it when she had the chance.
Yesterday when we were at Backhouse Park we
found a big Black Lab it was lost, the Park keeper was trying to get the dog warden so John took Mollys lead and walked it home while Brenda drove us home. Lynne came and scanned it ,it was chipped so we got a phone No and the lady was pleased to get her dog back and I was glad to see the back of it, the lady could not understand how it had got all the way to the park, but all ended well

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Hi Grumpy Bobby here I have been thinking when I read Ferndoggle asking am I really grumpy. I am but there are reasons for this. I looked at my profile and I am not explaining myself properly.

My owner died and I was put in kennels for a long time over a year.I had got an abscess on my gum and when people came to look at me I went for a stroke then they hurt me so I became quite nasty,also my back hurt I have tablets for this now. I am a great little character

outside people fuss me and I run up to people I know for a stroke. I can see John cringe when they stroke down my back but I am ok if it hurts I just turn away.

I do grump a lot even at my food I toss dog biscuits about and growl at them,I have watched dogs come in and they have sat on Johns knee and had lots of strokes and cuddles I want so much to do the same but because of my back I can not sit down I stand or lie.down.

But if I put my front paws on Johns knee I can get some fuss I know, he is not going to hurt me, I trust him now and Brenda too I have only laid once like the picture getting my tummy tickled I loved it but then had a job to get

The dogs John and Brenda foster come and I watch them go to their new homes, but I am always left behind nobody wants a grumpy dog no matter what the reasons. But if you look at my eyes in the above picture you will surely see a dog who's heart is bursting with love. John said he thinks I have been a lovely dog before pain set in. Some of the dogs that come I just put up with like Molly here now we just sort of ignore each other she just follows John about all the time well actually she is behind me so I guess I do too.

But little Bess who I have gone on about before I fell for her the minuet I saw her, when John took her out without me and did not bring her back she had a new home, I thought my heart would break I kept looking at the door but she has never come back.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

This is BIG NED he is a great big soft dog and so gentle he had only one fault and that was pulling on the lead. John said he did not pull on the lead he just did not know he had a lead on.
He is now homed to a family in Scotland and is very happy.
I have let John put his poem on about Ned.

Big Ned he pulled so hard, I did not know what to do,Then I found my spell book and read it through and through.

The spell that I found said it would reduce a dog to size, So I cast the spell, and Ned shrunk before my eyes.

Then I took him for a walk, it really was a treat. As tiny little Ned stayed right beside my feet

Alas my spell was faulty, and much to my surprise, Ned began to grow past his normal size.

People and there dogs we did quickly pass, as Ned he just dragged me all around the grass.

I thought I had better head Ned straight for home, by the time we got there this is how he'd grown.

Friday, 18 April 2008




Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cool Cat

Hi Bobby here I have had a laugh today John was telling me about the dog he had years ago called
Kim, John had two false front teeth he had took them out and left them in the bathroom, Kim had got them and the next morning he said to Brenda what’s all the bits of white and pink plastic all over, Brenda picked a few bits up then started laughing she said its your teeth, John was not amused. He had a meeting at work so he rang a colleague and asked would he take the meeting, he said he was away and would not be back in time, but he had time to ring every body and tell them, as John walked along the corridor they were singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. They all had stuck black paper over their front teeth and said what John always told them after every meeting (DON’T FORGET TO SMILE).
With Kim is Beauty the cat, John said she was a funny cat, every time Brenda went to the freezer in the garage the cat jumped in, John said it must be able to smell fish in the there. They always had to look twice in case she got in and they shut the lid. Fancy that, a cat in the freezer, I always knew they were not as clever as us dogs, we just stand by the cupboard where the food is. Its just as well I suppose the cat never got left in and froze, because Lynne would not have let John and Brenda foster me.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Cyrus is showing little Tod how to make a funny face,
I am sure Tod will never be the same again.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Little Tod missing his sister. AHHH!

Tod and Meg

Meg is the one who thinks she is a frog John put a red and blue cat collar on with bells so he could hear them coming they flew about like mad things . I thought it was a police car coming all the bells going every time I lay down for a nap John said I would have been like that when I was a pup, I dont think so.
Meg got a new home first and Tod realy missed her he started to follow me about I grumped at first but then I quite liked him it was like having a little shadow. Then just as I was used to him off he went to a new home John said it was great to see both pups get realy good homes.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Well it has been a bad day John said the mop could come a walk with us today that did not please me.
Then he got ready and wouldn't take it because it was pouring down but he dragged poor Molly and me out so then I was more annoyed it was ok for us to get wet but not the mop, whats a mop for anyway.
Then later today the sun came out and we were going out again and the mop came too its a disgrace its not a lump of sugar it would not dissolve. While we were out I did a gentle little grump at a dog and it turned and did a big grump at me I got such a shock I jumped and hurt my back so I had to be lifted in the car now I have layed on my bed the rest of today. So being called Booby as well has not made my day better. I am going back to bed now Good night

Very Grumpy Bobby

Hi I was going to tell you about two pups that came to stay with us that Brenda named Tod & Meg until my friend Alfie brought something on the pawzforthought.org site to my attention well he was my friend until he has taken the mick.

How would you like it Liz if I called you booby on the web, now as you can see by this picture I do not have boobs, so I object to being called Booby.

First of all I was bottom of the list now I am moved up and get called Booby no wonder I cant get a home. Booby certainly would suit you but not me. Now you have made me show the picture of me getting a cuddle no boobys, my street cred will be gone. I am not a happy bunny about this its a good job I could not get my teeth into you. I bet you would not have dared call Ben the rotti Ben the grotti no its just me all the time. Ben is a friend of mine now mind so before you call me names on the whole of the WEB for all to see think again Grrrrrrrrr.

John has said you are not well Diz If that is so, I am sorry, It possibly was a mistake just like mine Diz opps sorry.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I don't believe this look at the picture John put on of me I look a right wuss I can not believe it I was only taking it to the mop to play with I would not play with a fluffy toy.

This is Cleo found tied up to a fence, it took three days before she would go near John she was so frightened.
She is a lovely gentle dog she got rehomed to a lady at Seaburn. Sylvia who already has two Greyhounds and was going to look after Cleo while John was away but decided to adopt her as soon as she saw her, we see her sometimes at the beach.
Thank you Sylvia for giving Cleo (now Daisy) a lovely home.
Love Little Bobby & John xx

Saturday, 12 April 2008


This is Jess she was 18 months old when she came to stay with John, she is a lovely dog and would lie cuddling her furry doll with it in her mouth.
Jess was rehomed with a nice family from Durham


Friday, 11 April 2008


I wonder why nobody wants to adopt me, is it something I said.?


This little pup came with no name so looking at his little white paws Brenda said call him Boots.

Amazingly John said he answered to it at once it just suited him. He became a TV star when he apperd on the Paul O'Grady show and licked his butt (his own not Pauls)

He did get homed straight away he went to a home at Jesmond Dene so people walking there might see Boots.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

This is Rex when he first came he was falling over on his back legs and his coat needed a good wash and brush.After a couple of weeks he became quite active and could walk as far as you want to take him. The picture on the right is Rex looking a lot better. The couple who adopted Rex drove all the way up from Bracknall a distance of 300 miles to adopt Rex who they had only seen on the Pawz site John met Stuart & Heather at Seaburn Beach where they stayed in the Pullman overnight and the next day they met John on the beach and took Rex home with them a total of 600 miles to give this old boy a home truly Kind Hearts.

Heather & Stuart have always kept in touch and sent photos of Rex to let us know how he is doing apparently with a football he is great Heather says you would think he was a three year old. They have booked a walking type holiday and are looking forward to walks with Rex. Heather sounds so nice I wonder If she would swap a Little Grumpy Bobby for a Rex.John said he does not think so it looks like even Stuart is pushed out of bed sometimes because Heather felt sorry for Rex the first night, and when he crept on to the bed she cuddled him in she said her heart went out to him. Now all we dogs know this is a big mistake for humans to make. You have cracked it when they say okay just for tonight, because you put that sad look in your eyes. I tried it with John it did not work, nor did it for Rex although my bed is at the side of Johns bed so I am quite close.Thank you Heather and Stuart for the way you both put your selves out to take this old boy on, and giving him your love.

Love Little Bobby

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hi Bobby here.
Alfie was here before I came as were a few others but John is telling me about them

This is young Alfie he had an accident and had to have a plastic hip so he always stuck his leg out when he sat down.He was adopted by Ann & Chris to live with there other two dogs, Ash & Alfie got on and became great friends straight away.

They have sent a few pictures of Ash and Alfie since they adopted him 21-10-07 this one I think is great Alfie is determined to sleep with Ash even though she is taking most of the bed . Well isn't that just typical well my Bess would not have done that, he doesn't look comfy to me I would want all the bed. John & I thank you Ann & Chris for giving Alfie a great life and keeping us informed of Alfies progress.

Do not forget I need a home myself I am quite nice(sometimes)

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hi This is little Benji the Yorkie Bess and of course me Grumpy Bobby all asleep after our walk. Then Benji on his own Bess and Benji got homed but poor Benji has come back today. He is ten loves his walks he barks when he wants to go out. He is totally deaf so is walked on an extension lead it is not a problem he does sleep right through the night.
He is a happy dog and walks about waging his tail all the time.
This dog does need an owner who understands that totally deaf means you could shout untill you are blue in the face he will not hear you.
He will be on the pawzforthought.org web site so please look out for him this dog realy needs a Kind Heart Thank you for looking

Monday, 7 April 2008


This is Sam who had been living with a blind lady, and did not get out, only the house and garden.

When first taken out she was so nervous and just sat down it took a few days before I could see she was relaxing
and enjoying her walk
Above picture is Sam a week later after some brushing and a lot of walks looking much happier.
Sam went to a lovely home in Blaydon
So John and I would like to thank Julie and her family for giving Sam the care and love this dog so deserves.
Dont forget me I need a home too.
HI PIPPA how nice to hear from you all the way from spain you are lucky so much sunshine John and Brenda lived in Benalmadena for five years they told me how hot it was it sounds great, it is so wet here and cold so as you can see if I can get on a chair when the sun shines in I am in heaven. John said there are a lot of animals who need help in spain more even than here.
So I am so pleased that you found two kind Hearts

Cool Hand Luke

Well great to hear from you I have seen those big sort of dog looking things on Seaburn beach they were even carrying people on there backs If anybody tried to get on my back I would take their head off.
They are obviously not very bright or they would walk along with them like we do, not carry them.
You are lucky to have Dave looking after you it was nice living there peaceful sort of normal compared to here just because John has insomnia
This morning he is shouting Molly and I at 0500 to go to the park because we would be first to run in the snow.(Do we care)
Molly and I could not believe it Molly gave a big sigh and curled up I grunted I like to get up late have a nice breakfast then go out. Brenda told him to shut up he went by himself and we all went back to sleep.
Then at eight oclock he took us It was all slushy and cold Molly went after her ball and skided in to the stream, we were both wet and cold John said serves you both right It was nice early on, we just wanted to get back home.
I have been lying by the window with the sun on me now this is the life.
Bye for now Little Bobby

Sunday, 6 April 2008


This is Bess John and I would like to thank Val and her family for giving her a good home with a loving family.

Whats That


Well yesterday was a funny old day after being dragged out again to please John and it being cold enough to, brass monkeys come to mind. I was cold wet and wanted to be by the fire and he meets a chap on the beach they were chatting away I thought I would never get home.
Then to top it all a walking brush came in last night, well two actually but one went to another foster home.
I did not know what to make of it John told me it was a Yorkie pup it still looked like a mop to me.

Not like my little Bess , Lynne brought her one day and she was a little smasher.
It was love at first sight well on my part the worst thing was I could not hide my feelings my tail would not stop wagging no matter how hard I tried
John said your tail will fall of in a minuet. Bess has lovely tight curls and a gentle face my little heart was thumping..

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Johns Folly

Bobby here I have to tell you this while John is not here, It started last night I suppose, after John had come back from Carlisle we all went to the Beach John was throwing the ball for Molly.
Lynne came down with Toby and old George, Toby and I were running about, John was still throwing the ball so when we came home his shoulder was hurting Brenda got the Deep Heat Cream and put some on, then put it on the shelf next to the toothpaste (I bet you can guess)
John cleaned his teeth (well the few he has left) with the Deep Heat Cream) he was going on about Brenda buying horrible toothpaste then he was going on about his tongue and gums burning.
Brenda went in to look what he had used, she came out and said you daft thing you have used Deep Heat I had to turn away I nearly fell over laughing Brenda was too, John wasn't he went back and was cleaning his teeth for ages then he blamed Brenda for putting it in a daft place and she was saying how he should have looked before he used it.
Brenda gave him a coffee and that made his mouth burn even more so he went back to clean his teeth again.
We were all laughing even the grand kids thought it was funny, John was saying it was a pity we had nothing better to laugh at.
Brenda said we have and told everybody about when she was waxing her legs ready for holidays she put the patches on after a face pack, then lay on the bed with cucumber on her eyes, then asked John to pull the wax sheets off, when he did he looked at them and thought part of each had no hair on them so he thought he would use them to take the hair out of his nose and ears.
He stuck one up each nostril and one in each ear Brenda sat up and she looked funny all white with cucumber on her eyes,she took off the cucumber and when she saw what he had done she cracked her face mask laughing and said you daft. that is going to hurt.
John just said if you can put up with it I can, pull one out of my nose SHE DID well talk about an Indian war dance he was running around the bed room tears rolling down his face holding his nose and blaming Brenda for pulling so hard and taking the skin from under his nose, he tried to pull the other one out himself but could not do it trying to pull it gently, so he had to ask Brenda to. I must say she did seem to get some enjoyment out of yanking it off, more war dance and howling and he still had his ears to go.
Brenda's face mask had well and truly cracked now and she could not stop laughing, as she went to pull the ones out of his ears.
He said pull them both at once. I went to the door because as he had two hands cupped over his nose what was he going to put over his ears this could only get worse and it did Brenda got hold of both sides and pulled what a carry on now he was hands on ears nose ears nose, tears still rolling down his checks, then he stood on the cucumber that had been knocked on the floor it squelched between his toes so now he was hopping on one foot and holding his nose and one ear.
Brenda looked funny to me with all this white stuff falling off her face because she could not stop laughing
and John now sitting on the bed did not know what hurt the most the only relief being it was cucumber between his toes he thought it was something I had done (cheek).
Well I went off down stairs in case they decide I need some hair removing I am quite happy with mine thank you.
I just wonder are all humans as daft as these two,
I have well and truly digressed today I was going to tell you about Little Bess but John wants to go out now so will try to get back latter I have to go while the sun shines we got soaked this morning.

Friday, 4 April 2008

A Friend

Hi this is a picture of Jack who I just met today but we became friends and played for a while.
But all too soon he went off with John who told me he had been with Pawz for over a year and now a kind hearted family were going to give him a home.
John took him to Carlisle and was gone a long time, when he came back he said he has a lovely home with really nice people .
I wold like to thank Freda and her family for giving an old dog a home that is going to be his for the rest of his life,
This really is kind Hearts thank you,
don't forget I am still here though and also looking for my forever home..