Thursday, 31 July 2008

This is the Mop if he is near flowers he pretends he is a Bee, then on the beach he pretends he is a Dolphin. He is like some aqua thing he dives straight into the water.You will however notice that I have more sense.

We came back from the beach and I could not believe my eyes Brenda had only gone and got him a pool, she said it is for both of you, HA! she must be stupid why would I want to go in. The Mop would not even wait until it was full, as soon as he saw some water go in so did he.

He said to me come on in its great, do I look stupid?, If I was meant to go in water I would have gills, do you see any gills on me?. Well any way it kept him amused because he kept putting his toys in then getting them out. John had to bring him in the house in the end, he would have shrunk because he would not come out.

Now he keeps going to the door just when he has been dried, he runs straight into the pool,
I think Brenda is sorry she got it now, she is having to dry him all the time, John said he will burst it soon, If he does not I think John might.
Bye for now DRY Bobby

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

The Mop started to eat a Jelly Fish on the beach, John kept burying it and the daft thing kept digging it back up

He is lucky it did not eat him silly little short house.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Spike middle Ellie right
Hi I bet you can not guess who this pair are, well it is Flossie and Elfin.
Now called Ellie and Spike by their new owners.
Look at there hair cuts, don't they look ,errr well better, John said this is what they should look like, and not like Nasher, Denis the Menaces dog
that was what they looked like while they were here.

John was going to take them to the beauty parlour but went on holiday instead (typical).
They are now living in Cheshire, not far from Brenda's mam and dad, now that's funny because Benji the Yorkie went to Widnes, just after he had been to Runcorn with Brenda, which is just over the bridge and the Schnauzers are just a few mile from there. It looks like we are sending dogs far and wide, Pip is going on at me to tell you how far his brother went, all the way to Devon he said he thinks he might walk down to see him.

The daft thing is short enough as it is, he would have no legs left going down there.Anyway back to Spike and Ellie

This was Spike and Ellie before they were ponced up, well I suppose they do look better now.
This was Pip with Ellie (Flossie) they had just come straight from the vets, he had made a rude remark to Spike (Elfin), Spike was upset so he went outside, then Pip started teasing Ellie and he got told off.
He does not know yet that he is going to get his batteries removed soon,
I told him they just use two bricks and it makes your eyes water.

John said I have not got to tell him he is going, but it is tempting when he is going on. He is already thinking of the ladies, every time I go to see Happy's blog he tries to push me out of the way, daft thing stands there with his tongue hanging out.
She looks beautiful so I don't think she would look at him twice, he thinks he is great, daft little short house he can not even keep his own backside clean..
One more of Spike and Ellie at Hendon beach. John said they are very lucky to have nice homes, and proper Schnauzer hair cuts. Well as long as they don't try to give me a hair cut like that.
We are going to the Beach now so I will go now Bye.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Back Home

Hi Bobby here,
Well John and Brenda came back from holiday very early in the morning, they brought me a present I got three new squeaky toys I love them.
Later little Pip came back from his holiday with Liz and Brian. Brian brought him back and said he was fine and no bother, I don’t believe it, he is a little pest.
But they seemed to think he was a canny little thing, there is no accounting for taste.

He seemed happy to be home, and to be honest I was happy to see the little short house I

even let him play with one of my squeaks.

But then John went out without us and he cried like a little puppy and would not leave the door,

I told him he will not come any quicker just because he stays by the door but it made no difference.

See what a silly little thing he is, John had only gone for some milk he was only five minuets.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hi Bobby here, This is an update on Rex as you can see he still likes a cuddle and lies like a rag doll.He enjoyed his walking holiday and was quite happy with long walks. Heather said he seems to be eating more since his holiday so that's a good thing. Me now I will eat all day if they would keep giving me food, I love my food and in case somebody wants to adopt me I will eat most anything.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,
I have just had an e-mail off the Mop,and a photo he has got him self a girl friend while he is on holiday they call her Pippa so him Pip what a pair.
The minuet she wan'ts a toy he is playing with the love afair will be over,
notice he still has the baby toy,

Monday, 21 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,
I got a postcard today off John and Brenda, I am so pleased they are thinking of me even though they did not take me with them.
It sounds like it would be too hot for me anyway.
They said they are going in the swimming pool just to keep cool but I only go in water up to the top of my nails, so It would be far too hot with my hair.
John should be OK he has not got much hair left.
There are also thunder storms so the Mop would not have liked it, he is terrified of thunder, John said it is very loud with lightning strikes so I think we are both better off where we are.
Bye for now .

Friday, 18 July 2008

Hi Bobby here
This is the Schnauzers Elfin and Flossy they have now gone to a new home in Cheshire so that's great news.
I like to see dogs who need a home get a nice family, but I think everyone has forgot that I still need a home.
I read auntie Liz's remark like it does not matter about the Mop eating her rug, everything he does he gets away with because he is young or small,
he is a naughty little mutt who gets all his own way. They should have sent him to Cheshire or the moon would be better.
Bye for now

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

I told you that the Mop had gone on holiday he is staying with auntie Liz she was going to give him a little extra holiday in a caravan. Well I got an e-mail saying he had been very naughty and chewed the corner of the most expensive carpet in the world.
So auntie Liz will probably not take him on holiday now, she might come for me and take me instead.

When John and Brenda come back he will be in trouble, he will not get any treats for at least 20 years may be more.

He is one of the daft dogs that you can not take anywhere, well if you do you can not take him back again.
No matter how many toys he has he still chews things he should not.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bobby here,
I can not believe that John and Brenda went on holiday and left me here to look after David and Vicky,
I have had to take them to the beach, and the park
I am only pleased they did not take a bucket and spade with them, they messed about on the beach and David kept throwing a squeaky for Vicky to run and pick up. and it was one of mine.
I was too upset to go for it, I should have been on holiday not here looking after them.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,
Well something odd went on on Friday, we all went to the beach in the rain
then John took theschnauzersto chester le street to another foster home.
Then he took little Pip and left me at home alone,when he came back he had no Pip with him.
Then Brenda said pack your case, John said we were going on holiday
I love holidays.
Pip is going on holiday in a caravan, I think I am going to Florida I will see Mickey.
I will let you know what my holiday is like.
Bye for now Happy Bobby

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

Look at this, the Mop asleep in pajamas they came with the Schnauzers but they are too small for them.

It has been like a fashion show in here today, he could not wait to try every thing on. He put the England football T-Shirt on, then wanted us all to go

to play football with him, but he cheats anyway he runs off with the ball in his mouth.

John got us a big ball so he could not pick it up, but he still managed to run away with it in his mouth.

So nobody would play with him. he is so daft if he let us get it sometimes that would have been okay.

He got upset so he went in and started trying more clothes on, when he came out I nearly fell over laughing, what a ponce, he thought he looked great.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

The Mop has gone onto me all day to let him publish a post on the blog, we have all been to the beach and I wanted a ball he said, I could have one, If I let him put something on the blog, so
I have given in.
Well if it is what I think it is, I wouldn't dare let people see me like that, but he is still a daft thing, here he comes he wants me to move away while he does it, I will come back later.
Guess who

Look at this; you won’t believe your eyes,
It’s me the Mop in disguise.
Would you have guessed this big bee?
Was really only little me.
If I stung you, it would be a surprise,
You would have tears in your eyes.
Think of the pollen I could collect in a day,
I would clear every flower then fly away.
Then I would make great pots of honey,
And my dad could sell it for loads of money.
But this great big bee is not here to stay,
When I take the costume off it will go away.

Busy Bee
only me
See it is only me little Pip I don't have a sting in my tail, so you don't have to be frightened,
I hope you like my little poem it is the first I have tried, aw here comes grumps, so bye for now.
Hi Bobby here I knew he was going to put that on, he is not like a proper dog, who would not let anyone see him like that.
This bee suit came with the Schnauzers and it is too small for them, so he tried it on, he was like a little dog with two tails.

This is Flossy and Elfin at the beach

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Hi Bobby here,
We have had to go and collect two Schnauzer's Elfin and Flossy from the vets poor things have just been done.

Their owners are going back to China so these little dogs need a home, they will be on the web site.
I grumped at Elfin so I got told off, I won't do it again I just had to let him know I am here,
I like little Flossy she seems nice but then I am a Grumpy old dog with a gleam in my eye I
still like the ladies.

John has got the translation book out now he is trying to say, walk, come, and sit in Chinese.
they have both just looked at him with puzzled looks. I am waiting for them to bark if they have only been taught Chinese.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Godfather cat
Hi Grumpy Bobby,s back, I am sick of the rain, every time we have gone out the last couple of days we have got soaked.I would put up with it but the Mop starts to cry to come home, and yet he still goes in any water he can find if its not raining.he is a daft little short house.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

On the 4/04/08 John took Old Jack to Carlisle, He was adopted by Freda Wilson and family who became very fond of him.
But Freda has informed us that Jack had a heart attack and has died, as I said in the post published 4/4 I had just met Jack before John took him to Carlisle, but we liked each other and he played with me before he went.
He was a similar type of dog to myself except he was not grumpy.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Sulky Cat

This is me bouncing up and down at Mary I got the squeaky in the end it looks like an ice cream cone.
Mind she did say she is running out of the sqeaky's, I have been getting them because her dog Suzie won't play with them.
Happy Bobby

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I have loads more now.
My Squeaky’s
As I have said before I love my squeaky toys, it all started because John carries a squeak out of an old toy in his pocket, when we go out he blows it so we all come running up, and we get a little treat.
He puts our meals out and blows the squeak and we go for our meal this is to try to get daft dogs who don’t come when he calls their names, of course being a Lord now it should be a gong for me, anyway I am always stood beside him I know when I see the bowls with dogs paws on they are for us its just for the daft doge he needs to do this blowing a squeak but I love to hear them anyway.
Well all in the Park was fine until everybody’s dogs came running up every time he blew the squeak, but being the daft dogs they did not go when their owners called, so all their owners started to carry squeaky toys whole ones not just the squeak.
Now little Oscar is one of these daft dogs, well as you know because he ate the grapes.
His mum was always shouting Oscar come; well Oscar went anywhere but did not go to her so now she brings a squeaky.
So all over the Park you can hear her shouting Oscar come but now there is a squeaky accompaniment.
Mary comes in with her dog Suzie now another squeaky, and so many more are all just squeaking all over the Park and yelling there dogs names. Even the noise from the crows is drowned out they think it’s a new kind of animal in the Park.
Now as I have said I love my squeaky toys so now I am flying round from one squeaky noise to another.
Not only me, there are demented dogs all over the park chasing squeak noises and trying to grab the toys
I have become a pest over the squeaky’s people are even buying them for me now
Mary has given me quite a few it’s cheaper than buying a new coat because I bounce up and down at her pocket, the first one was a Santa’s head, she said, aww he likes it so much he can keep it, big mistake I have not forgotten.
Now I am a bit worried because a lady asked John how she could stop her dog barking, he said he uses a water pistol and gives a little squirt, I hope she knows he means in the house.
If not, this park could end up like an old western town humans all carrying a squeak in one hand and a pistol in the other, the crows will think that the new squeaky animals Pee a lot.