Saturday, 31 January 2009

This is us braving the beach today, the Mop is running for a ball and it went a long way with the wind blowing it he was worn out, You can just see the waves coming over the pier in the distance. Just when I was thinking we were the only stupid dogs to be here. We found some other little furbodys being brave too.

The Mop went to play with them I just stayed by the wall trying to keep warm.

After the other furbodys had gone he came and asked for his ball again, John threw it but when he came back he was worn out.

I said can we go now I am freezing, John said so am I so we rushed into the smuggler's pub to get warm, and there were lots of people and furbodys in the pub.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Last night Brenda went and picked up Molly as her owner is very ill in hospital. So Molly needs a new home. She is twelve years old but very fit and loves to fetch a ball.

We went to the beach and met Oscar's puppy sister. She is a Beagle the same as Oscar and she liked me she even followed me about.

Susie came and some other furends and little Ruby was very brave and just wandered about with all us big dogs.

It was very cold on the beach and they have said it will get colder, over the weekend, I might just hibernate until it warms up a bit.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Look at this guess who, the dog with no name now Sid, who came in and was in a really bad state. Now enjoying his walk on the beach.

He has as you can see put weight on since this picture was taken, and he is now building muscle up on his legs. He had been fastened by his front legs to the floor and had a muzzle on all the time he could not lap. He was putting his face in the water and shaking it to drink he did not know how to lap. The RSPCA have not found the person responsible yet.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hi, we saw little Kaizer at the beach today, he is now called Dillon, the Mop and Dillon were playing and happy to see each other.

Dillon saw John and went to say hello, while John was distracted, the Mop said he was going for a swim, John has warned him not to go in the water he had stopped taking us to the beach because he would not stay out.

I was shouting at the Mop to come out but he would not, he went further and swam to a rock. I tried to get to him by climbing over the rocks so I would stay dry.

But he was already wet through, I said if John sees you all wet he will not bring us again until the summer.
So he came out and shook himself and he ran about, to dry off so John did not notice, how wet he had been. I said do not dare to shiver or I will bite your butt.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Today at the beach we saw our furend Susie, she had a big red ball and was playing a game with some other furends, the Mop stole it off her. Susie went running to tell Mary, so I went to tell Mary it was not me because she is my best human friend.

Mary told Susie to go and get it back, she said he is only a titchy little thing,but Susie said but he thinks he is a Rottweiler.

Mary said I will get it so she said to the Mop give them the ball back, he said get lost and grabbed it. Mary shouted leave so guess what he did.

He ran away laughing at her I don't know how he dare, he is a cheeky little thing. He just ran around with all the dogs chasing him until another big dog came and Susie was frightened.

He put the ball down then and said to Susie do you want me to sort him out, she was nearly crying with fear. So he went charging after the poor dog , it must have thought its days were numbered when it saw the little Gremlin flying at it.

Susie stood and watched as he chased the other dog away, when he came back she said he could be her very best furend and play with her ball when ever he wanted. I had my red bandanna on that Ben the Rotti sent me and no one said I looked cool. I will ask John can we go out without the Mop I can not stand all this Super dog stuff.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

What is this ? if you look very close you can just see our eyes, that is how early stupid John had us at the beach. I ask you it was cold in fact freezing. Sunday when I should be lying in and he is up shouting us to hurry up.
It was like being on the moon not another furbody any where, of course the Mop thought it was great. He said he was going to bury his ball while no other furbody was watching or they would steal it.
He was still digging as it got light, I tried to tell him about the tide, but he took no notice.

Daft thing said there, I will leave it and get it tomorrow, when he was not looking John picked it up and put it in his pocket.

Now this is a long way off but as it got light more dogs were on the beach, now I know you pedigree types are used to seeing dogs that look just the same as you, I am not but there it was my double I could not believe my eyes. We went off to share the same wall waging our tails at each other.

John said come on we will go now, I said to the Mop come on we are going home for our breakfast, he wanted to stay, but I said think about that nice warm fire and being nice and cosy, it was cold and windy so I was pleased to come home.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Guess what! little Kaiser has got a new home, John took him out at lunch time without us. When he came back I was looking behind him and there was no Kaiser. John said he has got a great home with a lady who fostered dogs for pawz but she is adopting little deaf Kaiser so that is great news.
John was worried about him because he new he would need that extra special owner.

I was calling Byron one of my furends saying he looked like he had no face, well I just looked over at The Mop and I got a shock. He has none either I don't know how he sees where he is going, he is more mopier than ever, I gave him a good nick name.

Kaiser and The Mop are in the Sunderland Echo tonight with the children from Benedict School who have given all their unwanted toys and games.
I see John had to push him self in too. I was not considered good enough to go well I don't care, in fact I would have give him a little of my hair to stick on his head, I can always grow more, he can't.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Aw heck I don't like John, Brenda is away again, burnt sausage is bad enough it spoils our little night snack. But Brenda left a chicken well all dogs like the smell of nice cooked chicken, well not this one. No that's wrong it smelt okay it just tasted like saw dust.

Kaiser likes the park now he walks okay instead of wanting to hide, infact he sniffed all my trees.

We saw little Tilly in the park the Mop and Tilly ran all over in the mud her nice new red harness was scruffy. After Tilly had gone the Mop took Kaiser to a little patch of mud to try to get him to roll in it, but he would not.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Little Kaiser seems to be a lot better today, but now we know he is totally deaf. So it is hard to call him, in the house if John moves he goes with him every where. Out side he is on an extension lead, he only had the run on the beach but the Mop took him in the water so John is worried about taking them there.
They went to THE Benedict Biscop school today with Lynne from Pawz For Thought and John, the children have been collecting things for the charity shop. The Mop came in and stuck his tongue out at me, he said we have been to school, and the Echo came and took Kaiser's and my photo with the children we might be in the paper, but they did not want you there.
I went to John and asked if it was true he could see I was upset, he said it was not that they did not want me it was cold and he thought I would like some peace on my own. He was right I did enjoy the quite I had a nice little sleep all relaxed.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Kaiser has been today to be neutered and was feeling a bit down, the Mop felt sorry for him, so he lay beside him to comfort him. He might remember his own operation. John said he will feel a bit better tomorrow how does he know I bet he has not been to the vets.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Well poor Kaiser had never been out, that is why he did not have a lead or collar, he was so frightened yesterday, but after John had him out a few times he seemed to get better. John took the Mop and him to the beach today and he was frightened again. The Mop said John threw a ball and Kaiser wanted to run with him, so John let him off the lead and he ran back and to with the Mop. so he seemed to relax a bit more, he appears to be deaf. John said he would only let him off on the local beach if no other dogs are there in case he ran after them. He would not hear him call him.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

This is Kaiser about 1 year old he came this after noon, he has not had a collar or lead on before so there was a right carry on when John put one on.

He is about as big as me but I have grumped at him, he will have to go to the vets to be neutered, and he needs to learn some manners.

He likes children, and playing tug.


Happy to say the starving Lab is doing well and has put weight on, he already has a home to go to. He is getting lots of exercise and is called Sid. The RSPCA have not found owners responsible for his condition, but he is now safe and cared for, and is always wagging his tail.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hi, The Mop and me had a Christmas present off my furend Susie and her mam my Friend Mary. John said we could not have them until Tilly had gone, because she would chew them all up. I think John was having a senior moment because Tilly has been gone a few days and he did not give us our presents, I had to remind him. So we got a lovely little bag with the two presents in.

I had to show the Mop how to open them again.

There they are great presents, I got a squeaky ball and the Mop got a little dog squeak. The Mop ran off and hid my ball so I said well I will have the other one but he grabbed it and ran away. I said to him please give me it and he would not.

So I asked him again nicely or I will duff you up.

Then again, John remembered we still had more so he got them out.

I still wanted the squeaky dog off Susie and Mary the Mop said he liked their present best too, he was going to play with one.

The daft dog thinks this is another present.
Stupid thing has spent the rest of tonight playing with the bag, so I could play with any I wanted. Thank you Susie and Mary.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

This is an update on little Moxy renamed to Roxy, not so little now her owner said she is really coming on great, so that is good news.
Notice the Mop is getting Mopier his hair is growing fast, I bet John wishes he could have some. I have felt sorry for him because he is missing little Tilly instead of tareing around this morning he just lay looking quite pathetic.
We went to the park and the Mop was looking all over for Tilly.

In the end he even had me looking for her.

We did not see any fur body we knew this morning I was pleased I was scared they would all start calling me Tess.
We came back home and the Mop started to play with all his toys so he must have forgot about Tilly for a while.
When we went to the park this afternoon I saw all the Mops furends, the ones I grump at, but I stayed very quite.

I thought they might start calling me, but they did not they just said Hi Bobby, come and join us.

I joined them and we all got a treat off Mary, I did not grump at all, and no fur body called me Tess, so I was so pleased.

I wondered about with the big dogs, and I quite enjoyed their company.
Happy Bobby.