Saturday, 30 July 2011

This is little Charlie he is 12 weeks old,
he is so nice so small, he now needs a
new home.

He likes to tuck himself behind John.

John lay on the sofa and Charlie
 stretched his legs.
I could not believe my eyes, where did
they come from.
He does not seem to know where to put
Now how does this become

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hi I have had lots of people saying
they could not get onto the web
site. They all have firefox so
I do not know why but I will
bark at Lynne to see if
its us with a problem.
In the mean time do not
forget little old me I am
still a foster dog.
Do not forget it is the Air Show at
Seaburn this Weekend.
Pawz have a stall, so call by.
Now look a giant duck came to us
and it followed John about.
This moth came as well, we had not seen
one like it.
We think it is a hawk moth.
The water was still  rising.
Pip was still swimming
He met a Westie he thought it was Jock
Daft dog he said he is the image of Jock.
They are both Westies they all look the
This is us on the way home I was asleep
in the back. Pip had to be nursed.

We have spoken to Lynne about the
web site, it has been hacked and some
idiot put a bug in it.
So now we have another

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Now Auntie Liz  and Uncle Brian have come,
we have had some great walks.

Pip is still going in the water and I
tell him to get out.

I even went to drag him out.
We walked to see a waterfall

Not quite Niagara.

We saw this tree with money stuck in
from all over the world.

We had to look all over to find a place to
put a coin it is so full.
Now we are happy and tired, we will sleep
well tonight.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Now look what happened the rain came,
well it was more like a water fall from
the sky.
I am grumpy again now.

Pip still chased his ball even with his
Raincoat on daft dog.

Now look this is right outside our
shed on wheels

Now the ducks have come, so Brenda
fed them.
So they told all their feather friends,
 they came with their baby's

Then big Swans came.

They even tried to come in.
We went to ask John if we could go
to the pub for a meal, I had dog chicken
special Pip had dog beef special.
so that cheered me up even though
it is still raining.

Monday, 18 July 2011

We went for a walk into Keswick
 it was nice and sunny again.

The lake district is known for rain
I guess that's why the lakes are here.
But it has been great so far.

Then guess what John found.
I bet you got it , yes a dog friendly pub.

They even do a dog menu and a dog
treat bag. I liked it so did
Dippy Pip.

We had a laugh yesterday this Collie
went and pinched a paddle.

He pulled it out of the guys hands.

Then he ran away with it.

Friday, 15 July 2011

I am enjoying my holiday, even I
got my tootsies wet.

Just after this I went too far after Pip
and I had to swim.
When I got out my bottom jaw
was shaking.
I am going to be more careful now.

Monday, 11 July 2011

We are away in the shed on wheels
Pip thought this is his very own
Even I started enjoying myself, I got
in the holiday mood.

I even followed Pip through the water.

I am a Happy Bobby.
Pip will be water logged by we go home.

Now we have a little rest then we
will go again.

Friday, 8 July 2011

                                                 Little Peanut (Poppy) in his new
                                                 home, he was feeling very shy.

He is living on a farm, with more
little dogs, he is getting on with them.

He has started to play with them
and Lorraine said it is like he
had always been there.
So we are so happy for him.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pip was telling little Poppy to ask me if they
could go in my tent.
Poppy had a new home to go to the next  day.
He came and asked me I said no.
We got back home and he still went on to
go in my tent.
He said I am going in the morning
you will not see me again let me go
in you tent.
John said let them go in.
Now look the have filled it with toys.
The next day we went out early for
a walk.

Then John went off with little Poppy
he has gone to live in Scotland.
So we thank Lorraine and Richard
for giving Poppy a forever home.
He is now called Peanut, I think
that suits him as he is a little nut.