Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Mam of the little lambs used to get up
and take them away, now she has got used
to us, she just stays  there.
 We went for a walk and could not see them,
Pip went to look for them.
 He shouted they are over there under a tree,
they were in the shade.
On our way back little Larry ( that's what
we called him) was getting a drink,
He came over his little horns are growing fast.
Now Pip wants to know when will he get his
horns daft dog.
Then the rain started again, Martha and Baileys
uncle who is at Keswick we think will be flooded

Friday, 15 June 2012

We are now at the Lakes and they must
have known I was comming they had 
put flags out for me.

This is Hawkshead where Betrix Potter bought
a farm here and at 47 married a William Heelis
a local solicitor.
On her death she left 4,000 acres of land to the
National Trust.

Guess what we found bet you could not (a pub).

We have a great walk only there are white
and some black sheep and lambs all over.

Pip thought I was behind him, it was a lamb
he got a big shock.

He ran back past me he said I could lead,

He is even waiting for John daft dog.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Cara is fine in her new home, she is still
doing a frog impression.

She has a nice new bed.

We are away in the shed on wheels again,
We went for a walk and came back wet through.

Yesterday it was red hot Pip was playing
with a pig on the grass.
Now its left lying in the rain.
You can not tell but its pouring down.
I went out to see if it had stopped raining
Pip came out, he said has it stopped as
rain bounced off him, daft dog.
We still went for a walk.
Now look at his face he said if they rub him
anymore he will be worn away.