Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ben was not very happy he had to wear my
mac it was raining very hard.
                                           John compromised in the end and took the hood off

Ben still did not look very happy he said it
did not fit.
I was glad I had my coat on .

 Ben said to us do I look okay in this mac
Pip and me were laughing at him it was a
bit small for him.
Pips coat was twisting off him he was charging
about all over.
It stopped raining in the afternoon so we went to
my beach.
Pip is so dippy he went in the water after all
the rain.
We met lots of furends even Ben was happy
so we had a good day after all.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Ben is a great dog he does need to be close
if John goes upstairs Ben goes too.

Pip said you have to walk behind me.

Ben said sorry Pip I did not know.

 Another daft dog
We went to see Misty who we had on foster
and Johns brother adopted her.
We see her often but she had not seen Ben
Pip told Misty to tell Ben he had to be in goal.
Misty told him but he just laughed

Now we are all going to the park and look Pip
got pushed off the seat, all three wanted to sit
 next to John . Big Ben just sat there Misty
managed to stay on the seat. 
I was on my big Duvet in the back with all the
 room to myself. Why do we get all the daft dogs.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Hi all furends well little Belle did  make
herself at home.
She even took over Pips tent. 
 She took all the toys in out of the
toy box. 
Belle played with everything.

Pip came to me he said you go and tell her its
my tent.
 I said dippy Pip wants to come in.
 She said I was coming out now anyway.
John shouted who wants to go to the beach
I was out of the door first
In the car she took over the seat next to John.
Pip ran straight into the water. 
Belle did go in a little way. 
Dippy Pip was soaked as usual  
Daft dog he thinks its great, I don't think
Belle was so sure.
Now look when we got home.
John said she is a little love.
Bell has gone to a new home now so we wish
her a happy life.
Now we have a new furbody.
OH NO!!! but with pawzforthought
 nothing would surprise me.
I said well if that comes here we will go
and live in a cardboard box in London

AH that's a relief,  he is 8 and his owner has died
so he is now looking for a new home.
His name is Ben and John thinks he
is great' he comes straight away and
watches us all the time.
He is a Spaniel cross, he is a calm
laid back boy, he just follows John about
another daft dog.