Saturday 24 September 2016

The one in the middle is little Robbie who needs 
a new home as his owner has gone into a care

Robbie is eight years old and is a little happy boy
he has been an only dog but gets on with mine great.

Robbie goes up to other dogs but just to see them
he has not shown any aggression at all, if they do he runs 
back like a rabbit.
He realy is a great little dog , and would make a good 
companion dog. 

Sunday 21 August 2016

This is Rufus he now needs a 
new home. He is 6 years old very
gentle and calm.

He is chipped neutered and
He is a bit scared of  other dogs,
Pip is trying to be his friend.

Sunday 27 September 2015

My name is Dee I am 1 year old, so much to

I am very small.

Saturday 12 September 2015

Well I am reading my pee-mail, so much to
catch up on.
Little Toby is now feeling a lot better he is off
a lead and stays close.
He has to have a chain lead because he chews 
through any other type.

He is following little Ozzy and dippy Pip about
 so that's good.

Now look Dippy Pip has gone on Ozzy's  bed.
Ozzy has asked Toby to get him off, even 
John is telling him to get off.
I have gone to my bed before he dare try mine.
Toby and Ozzy are going to duff him up,
Dippy still wont get off. 
He said he was there first so there.

Friday 4 September 2015

This is little Toby he is 2 years old he has just
come from the vets after the dreaded op.

He is feeling cold, we feel sorry for him.
He has not been going out so he is now just
standing shivering. 
He is happy to come back, dippy Pip is away
so he has not met him yet.

We took little Ozzy to the park and he met
Lady's new family, Lady now has a new name Pru.

She is looking very happy and enjoying charging about.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

This is little Ozzy he is a 6 years old King Charles
, and now needs a new home.

Ozzy has just come  after his visit to the vets, so 
he is a bit groggy at the moment.

He does seem to love getting in the car.

He also likes a cuddle.

Saturday 22 August 2015

Lady has now gone to her new home, she has
two new furends Hetty and Cyril who are giant 
Lurches next to Lady. They are very gentle 
and seem to be paying homage already.

Lady is trying all sleeping places

 Ah at last she seems to have  found her place.
Lady has a nice new collar on and all her new tags.
This is what Lady's new owner has said when she
sent the photos
She’s had a lovely afternoon.  She has tried every chair and bed in the house, been to the park, had a run with Hetty and Cyril, chased her ball and even rubbed noses with 2 of the cats. She is now sleeping after devouring her tea. 
Thank you so much for letting me adopt her! 

We are so happy for Lady and we thank you for giving Lady her new home and we know she
will be  loved.

Friday 14 August 2015

Lady is now enjoying playing with toys and
is getting more confidence.

Lady thinks she is a lap dog.

She has furends now and chases about with them.

Tuesday 7 July 2015


This is Lady she is 1 year old and is now
looking for anew home.

She has just come today, she is very playful.

We are hearing squeaky toys all the time.



Monday 16 March 2015


Today we took Little Maggie to my beach she
had her coat on it was so cold.
First she started to dig a hole to bury her
ball It was a nice new one.
Then she chased about after it. All went fine
until dippy Pip went and pinched it.

He left her with his old yellow chewed ball.
She was not to happy about that.
But she chased about after it .
Well it was very cold, not another soul on
the beach. Then a furbody ran on and took
off with the new blue ball. 
 Pip was shouting to me to go and help him ,he
said we will duff him up and
get Maggie's ball back. He is daft I was to
busy laughing. The Furbody ran up the
steps so he had to come back , we are
not allowed to go up.

Now we know what will happen.
 Here he comes, he wants the other one back.
He said that yellow one is mine.

 Little Maggie let him take it

Now John has taken it off him so they are not
happy Maggie is telling Dippy off.

We got home and Maggie is having a cuddle
so she is okay now.
Pip is lying sulking listening to his I pod.