Saturday, 23 May 2009

Hi, It has been a very busy time, Brenda has been taken back to hospital, she has a Pulmonary Embolism, John feels awful now saying he was going to ring the hospital to see if they would take her back. He is still looking after old Grandma she is 98 this year. Brenda usually sees to her but John has had to look after all of us.
Pip was looking like a Mop again so a lady came to the house to cut his hair, he now is scalped, John said it will soon grow, I have my doubts about that. The hair lady looked at me and said would you like me to cut him ME!. Before I could show her my teeth John said I don't think so as it has taken so long to get his trust, she said she had a muzzle, but John said he did not want to upset me, good thing to.
Mop before

After well almost. We will catch up with all our furends as soon as we can.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Hi, Brenda received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a get well card from Martha and her family. She would like to thank them very much for their kind thoughts, as she is getting a bit depressed at not being able to do much as she has been told she must keep her foot elevated. They really did cheer her up and were a lovely surprise.

Brenda here, yesterday I went to the hospital to have the stitches removed from my foot, it really hurt, John took this photo before the cast was reapplied. I do not go back to the hospital for another 6 weeks, I will be stir crazy by then. John is doing a great job of looking after me. Thank you all so much for asking after me.

I hurt my paw once, I did not make all this fuss.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hi everyone, sorry we have not been in touch for a while but John is so busy looking after us all and so does not have much time left to help with my blog but has promised we will try and catch up with all our furends. We had a little Westie come to stay for a few days last week, his name is Scampie, we went to the park and the beach, I think he enjoyed being with us. This last week-end Taylor, Evo's brother also came for a short holiday, we all went to the park and Brenda came too, John had to push a wheelchair as she still can not walk, it will be a long time before she is better.

This is Scampie who came to stay he was very nice .

This is Taylor, Evo's brother he is just the same very soft and gentle, Pip and he are friends, they played all the time.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Brenda came home yesterday from the hospital, Pip and me were so pleased to see her, but she has to keep her foot up all the time, they have said it could take 18 months before she can put her full weight on it.
John has cooked two horrible meals up to now. Brenda pulled her face, then she is asking for drinks and telling him what to do.
John said he is going to ring the hospital to see if they will take her back.

Pip will not move in case Brenda goes away again, John said you could see that plaster thing from a mile away.
Brenda said to thank all of you for asking about her, and wishing her well.