Saturday, 28 February 2009

John told us that Molly is going to meet a new family tomorrow, they have cats, so Molly went to a house with a cat, she just ignored the cat, so we hope the cats like Molly.
John said to the Mop we will sort some toys out for her to take and a ball. The Mop ran to the toy box and tipped it up he said I want all these.

Even I said, do not be so greedy a lot of them are mine, Molly can have some of them.
John said come on we are going to the park, are you coming ,or staying to guard the toys.
At the park Molly wanted a photo taken with the yellow ball by the flowers, the Mop wanted to sit near her but John said, no because you will not share your toys. I said to Molly we will not speak to that Yorkshire terrorist.

Molly said, you can put my picture on your blog Bobby so you don't forget me.

We did not speak to the Mop, he tried all kinds of things but we ignored him.
When we came back from the park the Mop ran straight to the toy box he gave Molly a green squeaky, he said there you can have that one thing.

The thing is he does not understand that he might never see her again, he is still too young . He went back to the toy box and said he would sleep on them all night in case some furbody pinched them all.

Friday, 27 February 2009

We were out for a long time today, we went to the park early then straight over to the beach. We had our breakfast in the shed on wheels, John had a flask of coffee for himself.

He said we are having a picnic it was because workman were in the house, so he took us out of the way.

We were on the beach a long time chasing after a ball the Mop lost his then pinched Molly's, then we went back to the van and John had another coffee. We thought we were going home but we went back onto the beach. John said we will just walk and did not take the ball. Molly found a big stick she was really pleased and there was a smaller one for the Mop

But he wanted Molly's and pinched it off her, he always takes everything off her. I don't know why she lets him get away with it, she should duff him up.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Mop saw his favorite type of dog, he thought it was the girl he knew, But I could see it was not her. It turned out to be a boy, who seemed to like the Mop a lot

. The Mop just turned and started to dig a hole and ignored him.

We went to the park and saw Dolly the Basset we have not seen her for a long time, but she is not like Martha she goes to work.

Everybody was pleased to see her.

See how little the Mop was the last time we saw Dolly, I think he had two sticky up ears then.

This is little Ruby she had gone to see the Bluebells and Snowdrops, all the signs that spring is on the way.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This is Ronnie he is now a foster dog and needs a new home, he is three years old. He is very fit and full of energy.

Monday, 23 February 2009

We were at the beach today, John did not say look at the sky, but I looked anyway, It was still there so that's okay.
We saw Kaiser who is now Dillon he is doing really well now, he has had to slowly build up his exercise, because all his little feet and his legs were getting sore, because he had not had any exercise before he came here. His new owner has had to give him short walks to build him up slowly.

We met lots of furbodys on the beach.

The Mop ran into a rock pool he can not resist the water, and it still is not warm enough.

Molly even walked around the big rock pool but not the Mop, he came through it he had to swim in some places.

We went to the park this afternoon and saw Susie Oscar and Ruby, Ruby is growing but John did not have the camera, so we got no pictures.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hi,This is us at the beach this morning, we were out very early, Brenda came with us as well as John. ( I think she must have thought the pub would be open.). John said to us, look at the sky he said it was really nice.
The sky just looked like the sky to me.

The sea was nice and calm, so we went chasing the ball into the water, well The Mop and Molly did, I only got my toes wet.

Molly loves running for the ball but the Mop will grab it if he can, he is hiding behind John ready to run. If John throws one for him he does not always bring them back, so we have to buy loads of balls. This could mean less treats for me.

This is me running on the beach with the sun on the water I look like two Grumpy Bobby's. He! He!, John said one of you is enough.

Look, two Molly's as well, huh, John said that's okay he could have ten of her and they would all be less bother than one of me. I do not think he means that really. It was still very cold at the beach, but the sun came up and at least you could feel a tiny bit of warmth in it.

When we came back the Mop and Molly could not wait to lie in the sun, you can see who got the big patch. If I was Molly I would have kicked him out of the way.

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Mop had a little slide in his hair to keep his hair out of his eyes, what a ponce. He is going for a hair cut soon, he will not like it ,he would rather look scruffy.

We were at the beach today, and we saw my friend Mary with Susie, I always run to see her.

There was not many furbodys on the beach, little Ruby and Oscar were not there, it was very cold and raining.

Susie was digging holes all over the beach, then Henry came, we usually see Henry at the park, but he was getting so muddy at the park he came to the beach instead.

I used to grump at Henry but he looked at me and barked once, so I don't grump at him now. He ran for his ball and the Mop tried to keep pinching it, but he was kind to the Mop, and let him have it sometimes.

We went into the Smugglers pub for a drink, there is a big bowl of water there for all furbodys. The Mop fell in love again and started mooning over a big girl in the pub.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

This is my new friend.
Today at the beach I met another friend, a small human and she was very kind to me.

Molly was waiting for the ball, but I got the chance to have it first, but I don't chase balls, I chase the dog chasing the ball.

The Mop saw Susie and went to see if she was still his furend, Susie said go and tell Bobby and Molly to come and we will all have our picture taken together.

He came and asked us, so we went over to the pool but I touched my feet in the water, I messed about that long trying to get there without getting wet, that Molly got sick of waiting and went of to play with her ball.

I got there in the end so we finally got the photo taken without Molly.

We played in the water and I quite enjoyed it, but I made sure I did not go too deep.
This morning Brenda finished cutting John's hair and John washed the rest of the car so peace is now restored.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Today started off okay but then it went a little crazy, we went to the park early and the crows followed us about the Mop was shouting go away.

They took no notice of him, they just crowed at him saying we live here its our park, our ancestors were here long before you came in, and you can not even fly.
When we came back John asked Brenda to cut his hair, then he was going on about the bit she leaves sticking up on the top of his head, so she said do it your self then and walked away. He said you can not leave me with half a hair cut, she said I can and I am.
John said I will just wear my hat, and went out to wash the shed on wheels, Brenda brought the car round and said will you wash this while you are on.
John has washed half the car only the passenger side, he said he will wash the other side when she finishes cutting his hair.
They are like bits of kids, I said to the Mop they are as daft as you.
This afternoon we went to the beach, we saw our furends well my furends Susie Oscar and little Ruby no furbody likes the Mop anymore. I was so pleased to see my human friends Mary and Jan.

The Mop went crying to Mary he said they will not talk to me, little Ruby said he hurt my feelings, Susie said tell him to get lost. He started to cry even more so little Ruby said she will forgive him, she felt sorry for him.

Ruby jumped up and gave the Mop a cuddle her brother Oscar just turned and walked away, Susie said you are daft Ruby.

I said to John he is lucky they are forgiving him, Ruby has no sense yet.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Ha! Ha!,The Mop has really messed up now, he thought the valentine was off Sasha, it was off little Ruby.

He was that busy going on about all the girls that like him, and poor Ruby it is her first Valentine,s day. He is probably the only young dog she knows and she sent him a nice poem.
Happy Valentines Day

Pip Those ears may be a little weak But you're the hero that I seek.

I think you're cute, I think you're hot.Bobby thinks you're a Mop - definitely NOT!Guess Who?????????xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
There that is what Ruby said, but now she knows what a cad he is she has sent him a retraction.

Pip -I think I'll retract my valentine.

It seems your heart will never be mine.

You spread your love all around town.

So you make me sad and make me frown.

I should have sent my love to Bobby.

I'd be a sweetheart to him. not just a hobby!

Now he is all sad, he said do you think I have blown my chance with Ruby. I was all diplomatic and said Ha! you sure have and it serves you right.

Saturday, 14 February 2009