Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mop Boy Pip  had promised if we went to the beach he
would go for a hair cut and not make a fuss (He Lied).

He took some catching but went in the end.
We could not believe our eyes when he came

I laughed that much when I saw him I had to go outside.
Tyler followed me he said who is the new dog.
I said its Pip with a hair cut.
Tyler said his groomer must have had a sense of
He is not even acting like Pip, he always sulks for
a few days.

He even wanted a jumper on, he said he is cold.
Then said  I am still cold.

Now he is tucked up and we are hot with our nice coats

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pip is trying hard to get Tyler to play with him ,
Tyler was not sure what it was all about but he
seems to be getting the idea.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Look at mop boy Pip he has been told he is going for a
hair cut now he is sulking.

He said he will go if we go to the beach first because
he wants to show Tyler our beach.

Mop boy was not happy because Tyler came with me to
read all my Pee-mail.
Pip was shouting for him to go with him to the water.

So off they went Pip said he would teach Tyler to swim
Tyler said we Spaniels love water I can swim.

Pip dashed in the water.

Tyler waited until Pip came out, he said is it cold.
Another daft dog its the North Sea of course its cold.

Well Tyler went in and said Brrrr this is cold,
he tried to stand on a rock.

Then he ran out, well he steped out slowly trying not
to get wet. .

So much for the swimming Spaniel he must have thought
we were in the Caribbean.

                        I went wandering in like I was very brave, I really hate
                             getting my feet wet, and swim, I would not dream of it. 

Pip came running out of the water and shook right in my face,
he thinks thats funny.

We all had a good run about chasing the ball to get Pip dry.
Now you can guess where we ended up, yep the pub.
Tyler was a little shy at first and sat on John's knee.

Then he went down and had a drink (water) and was happy.
He likes the Smuglers Pub, We met more furbodys in the pub.

Monday, 18 April 2011

This is us at the Country Park you will notice little
lard butt dippy Pip, and Tyler is a little plump.
Me in front like a stick insect since I can not have a treat.

Tyler is on a diet John says he is such a lovely furbody he could have
ten of him to one of me, that's because he does not have to buy treats
with all the lard butts in the house.

Notice how Pip is back to looking like a mop again, he
is going to get his hair cut. We have not to tell him,
he kicks up so much fuss.

This was all black pit heaps then when they closed the mines they spent a long
time making this park.

Even nice grass to roll on, guess what was there an ice cream van
Tyler saw it and wanted one.

He set off to the van he said come with me Bob we
will get a nice ice cream, Brenda went and got one she
told John it was for herself, guess who got it.


Yes two lard butts.

Brenda said do you want some Bobby, I said no thank you.
Tyler said I will eat his share.

Dippy Pip ate more as well , diet  Ha, Brenda said its just a little treat.

I like little Tyler as well, he is a gentle happy boy,
He follows me about.

I let him read my pee-mail, and leave some.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

This parcel was in Morrison USA, Jake and Fergi with the help of their mum
sent it to us,

Our happy mail man shouted , are you there Bobby and Pip
he said I have a parcel here, from Jake and Fergi all the way
from America.

Pip was shouting to get it open.

John said  we could look through and pick one thing each.
So there would be toys for the poor dogs who came in with

 I was just about to pick a dog type toy when Pip
grabbed it and ran off with it.

Pip picked this dog toy because I wanted it.

I stuck my head in the box and found a great toy 

I found this one in the box, and I love it, love it, love it,
it has loads of squeaky things in.

This is a picture of Jake and Fergi I was looking at  it when
a big commotion broke out. Brenda put all the toys on the table.
out of Pips way.

He got into trouble he had jumped up.

I helped John to put the toys back in the box and we 
put them out of the way.

There was lots of toys and paw prints,
we thank Jake Fergi and their humans very much.

This is Tyler he is 6 years old and he now needs a new home,
he is a little darling. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just to let all our furends out there. John made a big mess of organizing our Internet provider change over and we are now off line until the 14th of April. We have had to come to our public library to tell you all this. They only let me in to let you all know what a stupid human John is. We will catch up with you all as soon as we can Licks  Very Grumpy Bobby

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Little Jock is going to his new home in the morning
so we took him to my park , to see all my furends.

We saw my pals Oscar and Max, they were quite pleased to meet Jock.

Pip saw Ralph and told him I was in the park so he ran to see me

Ralph said all the furbodys had missed me, and were waiting
for me to write some pee-mail.

Now they are all waiting to leave a comment, I will have to
come back to read them.

We all hope this home works out for Jock this time.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Yipee Brenda is back and Jock, he has smiled at me I think he likes me a lot now.