Monday, 17 September 2012

Well look at Buster I am still laughing, they
could not groom him he was so tatty. He
looks so different.
This is Jack he was in the house and his
owner died.
He is really nice the police man who went
into the house has rang and is  adopting
him so that is great.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Little Gyp is going to a new home today
so we took him his last walk with us.
 We met our furends on my fields little Gyp
hid in the long grass.
I shouted him out because they are all  good
furbodys and they came to say goodbye to
He  stood still while they said have a
great life little Gyp
Now he has gone to his new home, he has a
new big brother. He said he will show him
how to behave.
We have spoken to his new mum and she said
he is  good and happy.
He settled straight away so that's good.
Have a happy life Gyp be good.
This is Buster he needs a new home he
is a Samoyed.

 When we first saw him Pip said I am going to
see the sheep.
I shouted you daft dippy Pip its a dog.
 He ran back he said I don't know one end
from the other.
I said I will find out. I will just shout at one end.
In a whisper I said Hello I am Grumpy Bobby.
 I felt stupid it was the wrong end. But Pip
was there now telling him who he was.
He was laughing he said that little mouse
type is talking to my butt
Buster is going to the beauty parlour
today, so we might know the end to talk to.. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

We took little Gyp on his first trip to the
beach. He went up to every human to tell
them he needed a home daft dog.

Pip said lets get him in the water.

But he dodged all the waves.and stayed dry.

 If John sits down he sits beside him.
I am washing my paws Gyp is washing his bits.
I said that's a waste of time,
you are going to the vets.

He uses little Pip as a pillow.