Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We are away in the shed on wheels again,
we are in Surry, in the woods.

We are staying outside a fox went in
the awning in the night and it
Pip had to stand on a seat to see he
was to short in the long grass.
We are just watching  the world go by.


I am a happy Bobby
Yes you could guess we found a pub.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Charlie is growing bigger he is a
Pip was trying to pinch Charlies place.
Charlie is funny the way he sleeps
like this,




Another daft dog.
He stood next to me , he said I am
bigger than you now, and I am only
14 weeks old.
I said you have an inside out ear
you are a daft dog.
Ah peace who would have thought I
would like this.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

We are having a nice warm day,
it was cold yesterday.
We know some furbodys are far to
hot now, well we go hot cold all
the time.

Pip said he wanted his pool out.

So out it came and Charlie said what is this.

Dippy Pip jumped in he said its mine.

I am going to get some toys to put in.

Charlie got in as soon as Pip got out,
he was drinking the water.
Pip ran back he shouted he is drinking
all my water.
He had lots of toys in .

He charged about with his big ball.

Then Charlie started taking all the toys out.
Dippy Pip was not amused.

Now Charlie ran down and sorta dove in.

Pip chased Charlie out he said
you can not dive in.

There see it tells you that.

I knew this would end in tears.

Monday, 1 August 2011

We took little Charlie to the beach he was
a bit scared at first.
It was a cold day there was only
us on the beach.

He stayed very close

He did get brave and ran about with us.