Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This is not Dippy fat boy Pip, Santapawz
left him, he must have heard Astra's wish. 
We think he is 7 to 10 months old he still
has his puppy coat.
 This little guy is Jack (now) he was in a deplorable
condition on a garden allotment with other

 He has had a bath and a brush, he is small and light
not like my fat Yorkshire pudding Pip
 He wants to play with Pip but it takes him
a couple of days to come round.

 We went for a walk , I said why you keep him
 on that lead, John said in case he gets lost or 
runs away. So he is not bothered if I get lost
or run away.
I do not think he would go away unless he is
another daft dog. 
 He even got one of my presents , but I am a
kind happy Bobby now so I said he could
have it.
 There he is a happy little Pip double only


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Hello to all my furends Ben has now gone
to his new home in Scotland. 
This was our last walk with him Daft Pip
said they do not have a Santa pawz in
Scotland so you should stay here.

Ben just laughed he said John already told
him they do, and they have nice treats.

Now look they put ears on Ben and Pip,
I bet Ben could not wait to get away to his
new home.
We would like to say thank you  to
Margret and Malcolm for giving Ben
a new home and family.