Sunday, 31 January 2010

Here we have it again, the snow, the Mop Boy still wants his ball thrown, he said throw it quick or Lady might get it.
Hurry before she comes.
Look now she is here, she might run and get it first.
She is now making a run for it.
But Lady is not fast enough yet.
She is trying now, and lies down if she wants a rest.
Lady is longing to be fit again.
She follows little Pip( MOP BOY) I can not see why she likes him.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lady has been to the vets for her blood tests, they have to be sent away so it will be next week before they get any results.
The sores on Lady are from a result of being in the kennels probably lying on straw on stone floor, we believe she has been in quite a few weeks.
Pawz unfortunately has also to put dogs in kennels, if they do not have a foster home available. When a dog is in kennels some one goes every day and walks the dogs and checks them out, even sits with them for a while. I am sure the chap who owned Lady obviously loved her very much as she has been his only companion for Ten years I am also sure he would have been mortified to see the state she was in.
Lady at the hills, she likes other furbodys.
Lady was very pleased to see Oscar and Ruby .

The Mop said I will introduce you. Lady said I know them I met them when you were not here.

John has entered this snap of me into the grouchy section of the Mango Minster dog show, into the grumpy section how dare he. I was only saying to little Holly. I can open my mouth to twice the size of you. So it should really be in the sporty section, actually she was boring me so much it was a yawn.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Mop boy asked Lady would she play with him and she said she could not run about, so he is not happy.

Lady is going to the vets tomorrow for blood tests just in case there is a problem that has helped make her look like err fat. We took her to the park yesterday and to the beach last night she was happy to be out but after walking a little way she lay down.
John put a flashy light on her like mine in case she got lost in the dark, he must have thought she might run away, daft old human.
These sores on her legs are now healing well
Also this one under her chin is nearly healed up, we keep finding more things as we are brushing her. She has a piece of metal stuck in her gum on the inside, we noticed the swelling on her face.
The tooth near it will have to come out, so that has to wait until after her blood tests.

Monday, 25 January 2010

This is Daisy in her new home, she had new toys and treats, we would like to thank Janet and her family for giving Daisy her forever home. Ah! heck, I am sure John is crying, daft human, I don't know why, he still has me.
The stupid Mop said he is waiting to see if Daisy comes on the beach, I said you do this every time a furbody goes. He said you are a grumpy old dog that does not get on with any furbodys. He said all you do is grump and leave pee-mail all over the place. He said you are really just a dirty old dog, how dare he say that about me.
Well, we thought Lassie was a little rotund, but this poor girl is FAT, this poor collie was at some time in her life a fit dog.

Her name is Lady and her owner is very ill, Lady is now looking for a home, she will not be happy because she was put on a diet here as soon as she walked in the door well sort of walked.
Mind you they hardly feed me, I can smell the chicken or beef cooking and they give me dog food!!!.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Daisy has got a new home to go to, she is going today so we have our last walk with her at Tunstal Hill. Little Mop boy is crying he does not want her to go.(I think John is crying too.
I thought she might become a Mega Star like Martha, so I said don't lie there, get comfy lie on my bed if you like, I will just sit here. She said to the Mop did you hear that, I will go on his bed.

So here is Daisy on my bed still smiling, she will be going soon.
This is Lassie she needs a home as you can see she is a little rotund
No that is not true poor Lassie is fat, she is about six and a lovely little dog,
she belonged to an old lady who could not stop feeding her.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

We went to the park just as it was getting light yesterday, I said to Daisy I will introduce you to my furends, She was all nice and said that would be very kind of you Bobby.
I took her and she met a lot of my furends, then I saw the human coming and I know a treat bag a mile away, I shouted treats coming, big mistake not enough to go around.

It is a good job auntie Marion always has special ones for me.( John said they are the same as he has at home, and will not eat)

We got so dirty at the park John said we will go to the beach this afternoon, then he had the cheek to say to me and you will not spend the time in the pub, I always go for a little walk before I go in the pub.
Anyway It is a while since I read all the pee-mail and responded to it so I thought I might as well.

Daisy and The Mop Boy were shouting at me, they were daring me to go in the water.
I knew they were plotting something, so I said I will go in the water I am not bothered
Daisy said to Mopy look he has gone in, I knew there was a big dip there.
I said come on chickens, so they both ran past me thinking it was not deep.
Well every dog has its day and this was just one of mine,
I wish you could have seen Daisy, her face, the Mop head first.
I laughed until I left more pee-mail on the sand.
The Mop came out and said I knew it went deep so I went snorkelling, Daisy said so did I see I will go back again .
I said rubbish you tried to trick me and it backfired serves you both right, I stuck my legs out, dry see only the ends of my tootsie's are wet.
I said come on we will play with the ball until you dry off
As soon as I got them running about I went off to the pub.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Brave Mop or Stupid

It was very cold at the beach I went in the pub to keep warm, now when I say cold I mean that. There is always a lot of us furbodys on the beach but not today they had more sense. Now daft Pip(Mop Boy) ran into the water. Would Daisy be brave and follow him . Watch Daisy when her feet touch the water, even though she wants the ball.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Lots of furbodys have asked was Martha with me, well yes she was, at this time she was not the Super Star she is now, no sorry Mega Super Star.
Furbodys have asked was I kind to her of course I was.
Mopy Pip use to tell her to go and ask for a treat, so we would all get one.

Martha always got the first treat and we boys just waited.
The first strokes.
The adoration of the Mop.

The best cuddles., notice Tilly and Pip just blend in.
We were all asking for our tea, and John said do you want your tea now Martha.

We all had to wait until Martha said ONE will eat now.
Martha said to Tilly my back is cold warm it for me.
The Mop and Tilly were bowing and scraping to Martha, Tilly said Martha is very regal.
Now had I known she was going to be a world wide Mega Star, sort of a female Simon Cowell, no that is an insult to Martha, but you know what I mean.
I am so pleased I let Martha lie on my bed, now you do not see many furbodys do this.
So I would say I was very kind. Please do not chop off my head Mega Martha.
We do not have to update anyone on Martha as you all know what a wonderful home she got, boy does this make everything worth while.
Martha and her sibling had lived in kennels, there owners went and took them out when they felt like it. But otherwise they were in not the best of kennels. Do not ask me why someone would buy two pups and pay for kennelling so they could take them a walk sometimes. So that is why we gave her loads of love while she was here and this love has continued. Martha s life began when I took her to meet Bailey and Vanessa and Fred her new mum and dad.