Sunday, 21 December 2014

We had all been for a big walk, little Lucky
has made himself at home.

 A bit of sun and he plonks himself in it.
 They make me sick best friends now.
Luck is going to a new home, Dippy Pip will
miss him.

Lucky in his new home, we wish you a happy
life little guy be good.
I see he has a nice new tag & collar
I am kind Bobby now I let Pip have my bed
he is missing Lucky.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

We went to my beach with Luke we have not
been for a while, so I went up to read all my Pee Mail
and Luke is shouting for me.
He said Bob come and play John is throwing
balls and we run and bring them back.
I said get lost if John wants to throw balls
he should go and get them.

Well off he ran after a ball another daft dog

Dippy Pip took him into the water

Now they are both daft wet dogs.
I had only read half my pee mails and
as much as I tried I could not even answer
a quarter of them when we had to come home.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Little Luke

 Little Luke (Lucky) is 11 months old, he has
not been in one home constantly.
He has been passed around, so now he really does
need a home that would be permanent.
 He is (was) frightened of dog toys, the Lady who
gave him up to rehome had not had him long,
she said he chews everything shoes etc. so
I guess he got a smack, I am happy to say he
has not chewed anything but dog toys here. 
Luke does not trust people straight away but
once he does he is fine in fact I can do anything
with him, Checking ears eyes feet etc.

 He got on fine with my dog just wants to play.


Luke is good on a walk and stays close.
He loves a ball now and will chase after it and
bring it straight back

He loves a cuddle, nice dog eh.
NO the first time he saw me
he jumped up and tried to bite me.
But now is like my shadow and follows
every move.
He is a work in progress, but I think
time spent on this little dog will be rewarded
with a lovely loyal , little dog.
He is getting better every day.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

 We took little Tina to my beach, yes her name is
Tina not Tilly John is having some forgetful
Tina was  enjoying playing on the beach.
 Little Pip took Tina into the water but she was
scared when a wave came

 She got all wet and blamed Pip

 Now its a good job I was keeping my eye on them
This is the beach with the caves and  Tina was
up by them and going in.
 We are not allowed to go near them.
 The cliff is very dangerous
 They are always falling

 I told John and he went to get her.
 I just had to stay and watch Dippy Pip,
But now we can not go to that beach again
with Tina.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

This is Tilly she needs a new home as
her owner has gone into a home.
She has been with a Lady on
her own.
We think she is 7 or 8 she was
scared of John I do not think
she is used to men.
 But she follows Brenda about
all the time.
We are getting very wet here we
even had to find Tilly a coat.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

 Little Maddie likes lying on Pip to
keep warm.
She always backs onto him, so he
wont move away.

She thinks he doesn't know she is there, he does
but he loves her. 
The lady in the back ground and her father
adopted Missy.
All Maddie was interested in was the boll.

I think only a mother could love that face,
I said to Pip we will never find a home for
Now I am pleased to say Maddie has got a
new home.
John and Brenda are missing her, Pip
is too he liked her a lot.
But we all wish the cheeky little girl a
good life.