Thursday, 31 December 2009

Auntie Lynn came tonight with a little puppy we thought Danny was very small
but this little one is tiny. We were all wanting to have a good look at it.

Brenda said you can have a look but you must be very gentle.

She has not got a name yet, I don't think she can eat properly.

She does look cute, Danny said look I am a giant now.

So Happy New Year good Health to all our two leg friends and furbody friends.
We will be awake all night not drinking and celebrating, we will be feeding and nursing this little girl. ALL THE BEST FOR 2010

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

We have had quite a few dogs on foster John Brenda and me,( even me)but they could not part
with me. don't just rescue dogs, they rescue cats and all kinds of furry things, and wild life too.
This dog was the one most in our minds this year, he was later called Sid,
He had been chained to a floor with a muzzle on he could not even stand or lap.
He was in a heartbreaking state, but to see how he became was the best reward we could have.
Happy ending.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

John thought this was funny putting Danny in my stocking, I said I want treats and toys not a pest, I did get lots of treats and squeak's so that was okay.
Danny got a new jumper and a little red dog stuffy, I said It looks like a little devil.
Danny said it will protect me while I have a sleep.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Pip and Danny were sat at the tree saying they were picking their presents.
Danny said I am having the big one.
I said to Brenda look he might be opening mine.
Can I open one, Brenda said well just one Santapaws has not really been yet.
I picked this one.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Today is Christmas Eve, I thought we might go to the North Pole, but we just went to the park,
John said we might see my friend Mary and Susie.
We saw Marion and Oscar the boxer , Marion always has treats for me so I went up to her, she said you will have to wait there are too many dogs I won't have enough.

I said they are not looking give me one now.
Then I saw Jan with Ruby and Oscar, I said have you got any treats she said yes and was just going to give me one

Oscar the boxer shouted treats on the go.
Next minuet we were surrounded by dogs.

I said hurry up before any more come, Jan gave John a little bag with a card and a present for me and Pip. We saw Phill and Barney and he gave us a present , John said we can not have them until tomorrow.
Mary made a comment on the blog saying I should do a little poem for John as he has been very kind to me too. I am thinking and thinking of something good to say.
Now I have a head ache through all this thinking.
Merry Christmas Mary and Susie, it is so long since we have seen you, I miss your treats.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Last Christmas I wrote a little poem for Brenda, but every one thought it was not very nice for her. So I have wrote a kinder one this year.

Another One
If I had a Christmas wish to pick a mum for me,
I could say for sure Brenda it would be.
If I had roamed the earth no where would I find,
A mum as nice as Brenda because she is so kind.
I was such an awful dog grumpy in every way,
In fact when I look back I am amazed she let me stay.
I would lie on my bed and show my big teeth,
At anyone passing within at least ten feet.
But gentleness and kind words were all she had to say,
And slowly I did calm down and that's why I'm here today.
Then as the weeks went by I realised what's true.
If furbodys are kind to humans then they are kind to you.
Now I have so many friends I see in the park each day,
They even bring me special treats in case they pass my way.
I owe this all to Brenda for showing me how to care,
So when I was in desperate need I am glad that she was there.
And so I said to Brenda at Christmas she can have a rest,
Even though we all know Brenda would cook the dinner best.
John can cook the dinner and wash the dishes too,
Because by now at his age he should know what to do.
Now we are all worried about what will happen next,
John will be in the kitchen annoyed and very vexed.
Sprouts will be dropping and bouncing on the floor,
Potatoes falling and rolling towards the back door.
He will be burning all the sausage and the turkey too,
Ah Brenda we are sorry can we leave it all to you.
Last years poem.
Ode to Brenda's nose
Brenda has the reddest nose that I have ever seen,
I have not seen another like it no matter where I have been.
When it’s dark and we go up stairs very late at night,
We follow the glow from Brenda’s nose we don’t need a light.

The Mop Tilly and I are worried whatever would we do,
If Rudolph got sick and SANTA PAWS came for you.
For if he saw your glowing red nose I am sure he just might,
Say Brenda come and guide my sleigh on this important night.

John said he knows exactly what Santa would do,
He would send Rudolf off to bed and definitely come for you.
But then we had a giggle thinking of the sight,
You in front of the reindeer's running through the night.

John said he is not worried about dinner on Christmas day,
Brenda can peel the veggies as she runs the Milky Way.
So that when she gets back there won’t be much to do,
Just cook the turkey and the veg and lay the table too.

Then when the meal is over we will relax and have a drink,
While Brenda does the dishes at the kitchen sink.
By now she might be tired and need a little rest’
Before she gets the tea ready cos Brenda does it best.

Our toys will be all over scattered around the floor,
There will be bits of treat that Pip hid under a door.
So John and us dogs will be tired we will have had a busy day,
So we will all go to bed while Brenda clears away.

Monday, 21 December 2009

It is still very cold so we did not stay at the park very long, I said to Pip lets visit my trees then go home. When we got in little Danny had pinched Pips best toy.

Pip asked for it back, Danny also had my blue fluffy bow and he would not give them back.
Pip said I will take my frog back, Danny said you can have it.
He ran into Pips bed I have lots of toys in here.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

The snow is deeper at my park, Pip said what should we do.
John said run about and try to keep warm.
So we ran about and played, but I did not warm up even though we had our coats on.
I said to John can we go now he said Pip will not want to go yet.
I said take a look at him, he is to cold to move.

Do I look like a Polar Bear to you, my ears are frozen to my head.
Then when we got home there HE was lying in Pips bed all warm,
He smiled at us and said in his daft 8 week old squeaky voice, are you cold boys.
Just who does he think he is, I said shut up stupid. He even has a new little huddy just so he can
run out for a wee and not get to cold.

Friday, 18 December 2009

We are so pleased to get home today, John could not sleep so we were at my park very early.
It was freezing and there was snow every where.
My paws were so cold, I had to keep lifting a leg up.
I even tried running to keep warm.
I shouted to Pip do you want to go now.
He said he was ready over an hour a go.
When we got in there was little Danny, all cosy and warm on my blanket,
he said is it cold outside, I am nice and warm. I am glad I can not go out yet.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hi, Well after all my suggestions as to what to call little Umm, he has been named Danny, why you might ask, because he stood in front of me and dared to bark. I think it was a bark an attempt anyway it sounded funny. John said he is brave to dare to bark at grumpy, so he was called Dan dare all day yesterday. Today it has become Danny. I would have called him stupid, he did not know who he was barking at.
He even dared to pinch Pips ball,and his stuffie, he is brave. He is very small, I could squish him with my paw, but I will be kind to him because its Christmas.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

This is little Umm, well he has not even got a name yet, I said call him trouble, John said no.
Now this little chap will be on the web site to try to find him a new home.
John and Brenda went out and brought him back yesterday, he is 8 weeks old.
We need help to find a name, every one I say they say we can not call him that.
He is only very small we think he is a Lakeland Terrier.

Pip said call him Jack, I said why, he said because when I get up here he is like a Jack in the box he bouncers up and down, until John lifts him up.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hi, Little Maddie has just gone off with her new Mum and Dad they liked her very much. John said she has gone to a great home and she will be loved very much.
This was her last walk with us, so now we will wish her all the best, she will be all settled in for Christmas so that's great.
Pip is all sad now, he said he wanted to play with her when she got over her operation, and now she has gone. John said don't worry there is always more furbodys that need help.