Sunday, 20 October 2013

We still have Ben he is like a humans best friend
big creep.
If John said jump he would say how high,
I would say get lost.
We took him to my beach again to see my

I saw my furend Susie in the distance, well I
don't know how but I knew it was her and
my human friend Mary,she always has
nice treats.

I told Ben to come and meet Mary and Susie.

I said hello Susie do you remember me,
she said yes I have looked out for you Bobby.
I have known her from her being a pup.

I took Ben to meet her but he would rather be
near Mary with her treats bag.

Then we saw Kieth with his Lab daft Pip pinched
 his ball and would not give it back.

He even ran away with it stupid Yorkshire pudding.

He soon came running back when John shouted.

He came back and put the ball down like he was
just looking after it.