Sunday, 27 May 2012

Here we are at the beach its nearer to us
but it does not have a pub.

The cliffs are falling away and there are lots
of caves, but we stay away because they
could be dangerous.

Little Cara even got her feet wet.
We were enjoying  the beach.
We had our water with us it was so hot
Then look what happened the mist came
in off the sea.
It got very thick

So we went up to my country park that
once was pit heaps.

Away from the coast it was sunny again.

 Little Cara had a new home to  go to.
So this was our last day together
Cara has now gone to a new home,
so we wish her a happy life.
This is her getting a nurse
from her new dad.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


We went to my fields this morning and look
whats on the path in front of two daft dogs.
They never even noticed.

A baby rabbit

Little Cara was happy to follow me

But Pip pushed past and said I lead, well I
know he is a daft little thing but I let him
think he is boss sometimes.
Cara would not follow Pip she went to walk
 with John.

John told her he was right there and she could
run in front

Cara came to me she said I will stay with
 you Bob, I told her My name is Bobby.
When we got back Pip got his new pool
out. He is going on about it being to small.

Its not as big as last years.

He can not swim in it, he said its for puppy

Cara did not like it John thought she
might like to cool down.
He lifted her in, I would like to see him  dare
do that to me.

Monday, 21 May 2012

We took little Cara to the beach,
she enjoyed it.

She stays very close to us.

You can guess where we ended up,
yes in the pub again.

When we came home Cara was happy and
sleepy so was John.

Cara was smiling there was a e-mail from
a family who might give her a new home.

Then John lay down Cara jumped up
and they both fell asleep.

Now I am going to show Alan and Debra this
ugly face. They might want me instead.

I am so handsome compared to that ugly
little face, 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Well we forgot to teach Martha Basset recall
when she was here.
Sorry Vanessa but we are training her by proxy.

All  they have to do is watch .

Saturday, 12 May 2012

        This is Little Cara her owner is elderly and
           can not take care of her.
So she needs a new home, she was very shy and
would not let John out of her sight.

I told her to stay close to me when we went for
a walk.  She was good and did as she was told.

Then John said you can run around Cara, so she

She ran
and ran
Well that was yesterday in the rain, we got
soaked but Cara enjoyed herself.
This morning the sun was out and even I
enjoyed watching the joy in this little girl.

John shouted her and she nearly crashed into me
to run to him.
I think she looks like a big cat.
She said Bobby this is great .

Cara wore herself out running about,
so she was happy to walk behind us.
John said she is a little darling.
So am I but he never tells me.
It is good to see her happy as her
little teeth were chattering together
with fear when she first came.