Sunday, 25 December 2011

Before even I came, there was a foster dog
called Alfie and he had a plastic hip after an
Alfie got a great home and Ann and Chris
have always let us know how Alfie was getting
He has other furbody furends Asha and Raga,
But Asher and him are great furends,
Alfie uses her to rest his leg.
Asher never seems to mind Alfie
using her as a cushion.

We just had to let you see this last
 photo who could have a better furend

Peace on earth could not get better.
It does make us feel it is worth while.
Alfie has got more furends now.
So we would like to thank them all

Alfie, Asha, Raga, Zac, Kyi ,and Chris and Ann

Friday, 23 December 2011

Licks from Bobby and Pip

Saturday, 3 December 2011


Little Rio has gone to his new home today.

Now look Dippy Pip is crying , Brenda put
new pillows on the bed and Pip got
in the old ones  and is sulking he said he
is missing Rio.

Now he said he will hold his bow and Rio
will come to take it off him, daft thing.

We went for a walk it was dark when we
came back and he was still looking for Rio

I went to John I said I feel sorry for little Pip.

Now he is getting a nurse so he is feeling
We wish little Rio a happy Life.