Saturday, 22 August 2009

Little Scampie has gone home now.
If his mam had seen him before his bath, well I was calling him Scruffy

Saturday, 15 August 2009

posted by Aki and Poopie at mad labs and hug dogs - 1 day ago
Well no post for days then two in no time at all, I would ask you to visit the above mad labs and hug dogs, as yet they have no Greyhound stadiums. A bill might be passed to allow this to happen. They will need lots of support to stop it please help. From mad labs you can go on links to comment. The Mayor is so stupid he thinks that they will just give unwanted Greyhounds to people who want them
Below is my comment.

In the UK we have Greyhound Stadiums and the dogs are only cared for well while they are making money. That is what this is all about money; dogs that slow with age or are not fast enough to begin with are dumped, thousands end up in Rescue Centres. Many were being taken into fields and shot, this was reported only last year. It is now supposed to be stopped; it will be still going on. How naive is the Mayor to say they will just give them to people who want them, the people who race greyhounds keep on breeding trying to get that faster dog, as in the Uk you will be swamped with poor dogs that no one wants. You will not see a Greyhound dog Racer with his beloved old dog with him or in his home. For that dog could not make him any money.

Little Scampie is here on holiday Pippa is really pleased, he said he would introduce him to all his furends.
He took him to meet Oscar the boxer and Oscar took him to meet Alfie the boxer

I just stood and watched them play.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

This photo was last year when a baby gull came and stayed with us Pip was not happy about it in his pool. This year when another baby came, he said don't let it stay here. So it went to stay at auntie Lynn's.
She has lots of babies there all living in her garden, until they can fly away.

They are practicing flapping their wings ready to fly.
They all look very happy.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Mop who is more Mop already than a Pip has gone on at me to put his photo of his smiley mouth and nose before the nose got chewed off, he said this is a special smile for all the foster dogs in their forever homes.
We have some news on Flossy and Elfin who were here on foster before they were adopted, this was them when they were here, right scruffy mutts. They got new homes new names and a hair cut Thank you Barbara
This is them after they were adopted with their new hair cut.
Barbara said...
Hi Bobby, Do you remember us, Ellie and Spike? We were known as Flossie and Elfin, 2 very hairy Schnauzers who stayed with yourself, the Mop, John and Brenda just over a year ago. We had lots of outfits that the Mop got to wear! We went to our Forever Homes 1 year ago today. My Mum took me to my new home, in a lovely little village near Liverpool Airport with lots of lovely walks, a park and even a little beach by Hale Lighthouse. Spike went to Widnes, which is only a few minutes drive away, again with Country Parks and lots of walks not far from where he lives. He lives with his Mum, Jules and an 11yr old human boy called Sam, who's lots of fun. Spike also lives with another Schnauzer called Jess (boy!), Kellycat who is 17, 2 Goldfish, Fish and Peas, who are no fun at all, they just swim around in their tank and don't speak, and a Jack Russell called Patch. He was a foster dog, but after fostering a lot of dogs, Spike's Mum couldn't bear to part with Patch, so she ended up adopting him. Mum says she thinks he's been badly treated because of the way he acts. However, he is getting better because he is getting a lot of love, care and attention, as we all are. I see Spike and my friends every day and spend a lot of time play-fighting and walking with them. Patch just watches us playing most of the time. He will play with me if I am on my own and we have lots of fun tugging soft toys into pieces. If Jess and Spike get too grumpy when they are play-fighting I have to become 'mum' and push my bum into their faces to stop them. My Mum and I often stay at Spike's, which is great fun, and we also often all go to a caravan in Wales. We are then able to go to the beach. We both love our new homes. Spike and I did an agility course during the winter and it was great fun. Trouble is Spike isn't as clever as me (don't tell him, I don't want him to get upset 'cos he tries hard). I won a rosette. Jess was excellent, but he had to stop going 'cos he became very ill for quite a while. He's now not allowed to jump anymore or walk up and down stairs. I often go to dog shows or fares to help Mum, Jules and Sam out at their 'Teddy Tombola' stall to raise money for Phoenix Dog Rescue, which they are all involved in. I enjoy going 'cos I get lots of attention there and model the bandannas Mum makes. We have had a great year in our forever homes and Mum says I have made her very happy. She doesn't feel lonely anymore, even though I have two beds, one upstairs and one downstairs, Mum lets me cuddle up in her bed during the night and Spike cuddles up to Sam. Please say thanks to John and Brenda for looking after us so well and the other lady where we were collected from, and also to Pawz for Thought for finding our forever homes. Hugs and licks to you Bobby for sharing your space with us and don't forget the Mop as well!

Barbara and many others have asked about Brenda thank you. she is hobbling around the house now, John has to push her in the wheel chair when we are out, or around the shops. she still has to take warfarin tablets. I have to tell Babara that Brenda comes from Runcorn and John lived there also.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

This is Gypsy who we had after her owner died, Heather and Dave adopted her last year, they have been on holiday and kindle sent us these pictures.
No that is not Dave on the bench.
Ah that's Dave giving Gypsy a bath, she looks like she is enjoying it about as much as I do.

Hi, We have been very busy, well John has so we do not get to blog so much, John has promised me we will catch up with all my furends. I am so sick of the rain in this promised BBQ summer.
I am even going in the water at the beach I can not get any wetter.
Little Tina has come back, sadly her new home did not work out, the only good thing is Pip was happy to see her, she is now looking for a new home.
We had a good time at the beach even in the rain, but Pip always runs in the water when he gets the ball and even though I do not want the ball I like to chase Pip, I will get water logged soon.