Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Look at my beach it was so windy the sand
was blowing into all my orifices.

I decided to go to my wall.

Even big Ty said his ear might blow off.
I was getting sand out of my eyes.
Dippy Pip said this is great only
us on the the beach .
My ball is going a long way with the wind.

Then off he went Ty was going with him
but he gave up Pip was a little dot in
the distance.

Then he took Ty to the water.
I think it is funny this big daft dog follows
a little daft dog about.
Trixie was up by my wall keeping out of
the wind.
When we came home Ty lay by Trixie and
she did not seem to mind.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today we took Ty to my beach , I said come
and read all the pee-mail.
Ty said no I am playing with the ball and
the little furry thing.
I said he is a dog its dippy Pip well he is
mop boy again now his hair has grown.
Ty dropped the ball he said that is not
a dog.
Then he went off to have a good look at Pip.

Trixie cane to me she said I will come wih
you Bobby.

I did not want a girl with me but she
thought she was being kind.
I could see Ty running with the big ball,
I never bother with balls, but today!!!

I decided I would.

Trixie came then and shouted for us to
follow her.
Then she pinched the ball.
Pip told Ty to follow him and took
him to a pool.

Now look at them another daft dog.

Monday, 10 October 2011

We met some more furbodys on my field.

Pip had his pink ball.
Ty had a yellow ball.

Guess why Pip is chasing Ty? he has both
balls in his mouth.
That will teach Pip he is the one who
always wants all the toys.

They both have their own balls now .
Ty was scared Pip beat him up so he
gave it back.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ty is a big boy he came in, he said
is this a dog flap, I said no its
a door.

I had to look up at him, I did not grump
I wagged my tail as hard as I could.

Trixie said she was staying on her bed
incase Ty got on it.

Pip is moaning because no furbody
would follow him.

 Ty was showing off  sitting down.
Trixie said she could sit better than Ty.
When we came back I said you can
come and lie with me.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

This gorgeous Rotti needs a new home
he is a two year old kind gentle big boy. 
He is good with people  cats and
other dogs.

Even pestie little pups, so that is very kind.
He was left in a house by his owner when
he moved out.

He let this daft little dog tell him off, I
would have kicked its little butt.
Ty is just to nice so he would be great
for an active family.