Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Who told me this little Bess was 15 and 10months,
if she is I want what ever she has to eat.
John said he does too a boatload, no way
is this little Bess nearly 16 years old.
That is her away down the field.
Dippy Pip is sulking , he was happy
when he thought  they were very old
and would plod behind him, now he is at the back.
Next thing little Peggy passed me,
Bess shouted hurry up Grumpy Bob and Dippy.

They waited for me to catch up.

Then they said lets go and ran off.
This is them way down the field.
I could hear them laughing , Pip said I will go and
tell them they have to wait.
He ran and caught them up he said you must wait,
Bess said OK  but you boys are so slow.

But Peggy just laughed at him she said all
you think of is sniffing and pee-mailing.

 I went for my evening meal I said I will
eat now,  Bess ran in and said I will have
 seconds, cheeky,
Then we could not get near our grand kids,
so they like meeting people too.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

This is Little Peggy and Bess. These lovely girls are looking for someone to give them a home after their loving owner died and there was no family to take them on. Peggy the jack Russell is 13yrs old and Bess the cairn terrier is 15yrs 10months old.
Both dogs are still active and come alive when a leader is rattled. Peggy needs a dental check which will be done this week. They are both clean in the house and the only slight problem they have is a little overweight and more used to human food than dog food, but this should change very quickly and they will soon be eating dog food with gusto.( It was a daft human who said that
These 2 beautiful ladies have a lot of love to give to that special someone. Could it be you? if so please get in contact. with www.pawzforthought.org.uk

Ah, poor girls I am crying for them.
Some nice person who wants a bit of company,
would be delighted with these girls.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Scamp & Brydie

This is Brydie with Scamp her new older brother.
She says he is like Santa Paws his beard is white.
Brydie said she has trained Scamp already  she
gets the lap to sit on.

She said she does love her brother he is very
gentle and kind.
We are sending you Tail wags Brydie.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Brydie went to her new home on Sunday and we
have had an e-mail she is very happy.
She has a Cairn brother Scamp he is much older
and wiser.

Here is Brydie with her new dad demanding the ball.

She has a nice big garden to run in and is making
the most of it.

I wonder if Brydie will help them dig the garden.
Brydie Pip and I miss you, but we can see you are
going to have a happy life.
Licks and Tail wags Bobby and Pip

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Little Lilly Mae has gone to a new home,
we have heard from her and she is very happy.

Before she went , she said to Brydie I hope you
get a nice new home soon I will think about you.

Then Lilly Mae went to Pip she said I
will miss you and I am sorry for going
on about you being fat.
I just thought some furbody should tell

Then Lilly Mae came to me, she said I will
miss you Grumpy Bobby, you have been
kind to me realy. She said you might get a
a home one day.
To be a foster dog for five years must suck.

I turned my head away I did not want her to see
the tears in my eye. I am sure going to miss
this cheeky little girl.
So we all wish Lilly Mae a wonderful life.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Today the grass was white with ice our feet
were freezing.
John told us to run about so Brydie and Pip
played chase to keep warm.

I said lets go home now, so we went home
guess what we saw.

Little Lilly Mae all warm and getting cuddles
Brydie ran and jumped up she said I need to
 get warm to.
When it warmed up a bit Lilly Mae came
out with us, I said follow me we will walk in
the sun, do not stand on the ice.

She followed Brydie and stood in ice then
did little hops from one foot to another.

She went to Pip she said is your tootsies freezing,
Pip said no I am hot, She said thats because you
are fat.
When we got home Lilly Mae said sorry to
Dippy Pip  for saying he was fat.
So he said she could sit with him and
look out of the window.
She said there is no room because you are fat.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The good news is Misty has gone to
a great new home.

This little girl has just come today,
Brenda went for her as her mum and
dad feel they can not look after her as
they are both in bad health.
They are both very upset to give her
up, but feel it will be better for her to
 get a new home.

Her name is Lilly Mae she is a 14 months old
Toy Yorkie she now needs a new home.

Pip said Hello I am a Yorkshire Terrier
like you, but you are small, she said but
I am very brave.

Pip lay on his back he said this means I
am your friend.
Then she went to Brydie she said that fat boy
thinks he is like me, he wants to be my friend.

Lilly Mae came for me to give my
opinion on who was the prettiest.

She had Dippy Pip there and she was
saying mirror mirror on the wall who
is the prettiest dog of all.
I just said you are .

Now Lilly Mae is telling them how she
should be a model.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Well now look. they came in all quite and shy,
now they take the sofa over.
The sun came out and they were first on the bench.

No room for me.

We have been loads of walks on my field.

I told Brydie about my beach, and she said
I would love to go to your beach.

The ran about all over.

There was loads of seaweed  so I went to
examine it.

Then I could not believe my eyes talk
about multiplication.

I walked away now I know we only had
one Westie when we went.
They all followed me it was like a nightmare.

Pip sat on the prom he was upset because
no furbody was playing with him.

Pip came back and he was running
for his ball, they all chased after him,
so that made him happy.
He is a dot in the distance no furbody's
can keep up with him.

Once we were home Mop boy Pip is back to his
a couch potato life.