Saturday, 7 July 2012

 John said we will go for a walk and see
Ravenglass its a busy village.
 I said its Saturday night where is every
furbody and human.
We went and looked in the next street
no body there.

Then a resident came walking towards us.

I said whats your name, he said its Pip
I said I am Bobby G and this is Dippy Pip.

I said where is every body.
He said they might be in the pub.
So he led us to the pub, I said can we go in.
He said ask Big Sam, then went off.

Now it is getting weird look at the cars in the
pub car park.

They are even older than John,

We went into the pub, Sam was a big Labrador,
he looked at us and said we were welcome.
There still was no body else there.

Big Sam just sat and stared at us but he
is a nice guy.

I told Pip Aliens took the people so now he
is scared daft dog.
I wonder were the people are?????

Thursday, 5 July 2012

This is Kendal in the rain, we are sick
of getting wet.

Well sensible dogs are, daft Pip will go
in any water.

I am glad  I have my bed with me.

 Its stopped raining and look at Dippy Daft Pip
is doing in the lake. again.

 It even got hot so I went to wet my toes

 Big Taylor came for a few days with
Aunt Liz and Uncle Brian.
 Taylor has had an operation on his back
leg he was having trouble with his tendon,
so he can not play with Pip.
 At least the sun was shining.
 The wine was flowing.

Now the rain is back  we have our Macs on.
 Now we have moved on to Ravenglass.
Yippee its Sunny, Cold though.