Saturday, 26 June 2010

Well I have not been able to blog because John and Brenda went away on holiday, they did not take me or Pip.
Now he is back and still doing little jobs, but we are going for nice walks, and I had a good laugh when we went a walk to the woods.

Guess who wore shorts and got bitten to bits all those little midges thought he was their banquet arriving,
Pip and I never felt a thing so I had to turn my head away I was laughing so much.
I went to have a look to see why he was hitting himself on the legs, I thought he must have  learnt some sort of weird dance on holiday.

John scratched all the way back home, and had to rub cream all over when we got back.
It has been so nice Pip has had his pool out and I even stood in it once well just one foot.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Pip and I were worried about where we were going to walk, but it is great we just come out and walk across the road then we have miles of  country to walk in.
We are heading to the woods you can see in the distance.

I was thinking of all those trees I have to pee-mail on so I started to hurry.

I could not decide where to start, Pip said start here, and pee-mailed on a blade of grass, daft dog well he has only got little legs.
We walked till I could not pee-mail any more, then we headed back .
It was a lovely day and we enjoyed  our walk.

This was me when we got back, zonked out.