Friday, 30 March 2012

Bess has gone to a new home, before she went,
I said it would be good to get my tent out. So
they all want to go in.

I said it would cost one treat each to enter.
Pip gave me his.

Bess came in and said I ate half of mine,
so she gave me half.
So I only let her half  way in, Pip pinched his
chew back and ate it.

Peggy said she would not give me her treat ,
she said stick your tent and ate her chew.

We have spoken to Janet little Bess's new mum,
and Bess  is fine. So that is great.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Look how happy Peggy is,we went to the
She said Wowzy look at all the hunky guys.

She went to be introduced to a black and white
big boy she thought he looked like her. Oh
heck another daft dog.
He is a rescue dog from Beirut.
This is another dog from Beirut below.

They came together, so that is good they
got away from the fighting and bangs.

Bess said she was going to talk to all the

She was saying how sorry she was for
 all they have gone through.

Peggy followed all us big dogs about, well
I am bigger than her.

Now look they have all run down to
try to get the ball off Pip.
He is right out where the red mark
is, No furbody will go out that far.

Pip is going on about how no furbody could
catch him, even though they are big.
Who would want to catch him anyway.