Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Well little Pip has gone to auntie Liz and uncle Brian's, John and Brenda have gone away.
But I knew they should have taken me with them, Brenda is sick and confined to her room holidays are just not good for them..

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is Jerry's last day with us, he has a new home to go to.
We went to the park before he went, I said I will try to teach you what to do one more time follow me
I said we will find a nice bush or tree.
Then we pee like this, not on other furbodys.
Pip said when Jerry goes he will have a nice bath, so he will be all clean. He will be the cleanest dog I know if he gets washed any more. I have just noticed he is nearly a Mop again.
Jerry went to his new home when we got back, so we wish him a good life with his new family.

We went to the park tonight and I had a new flashy light on my collar.
We saw Oscar the Beagle, he said aw Bob I like your flashy light, where did you get it from. He said from a distance he thought Santapaws had come early.
Pip had his flashy collar on, he has a light to but with his little legs it nearly trails on the ground.
Oscar the boxer was there and a new pup we have not seen before.

When we came home Pip was guarding his toys, I said daft dog Jerry has gone
just come here and relax.

He said I can not rest I will count all the toys in the morning.

Monday, 16 November 2009

We went to the beach today, Pip said to Jerry I will show you once more how to dig a hole to wee in.
Jerry looked like he was paying attention .

This time we all saw him, and there was no denying it.
Pip said now I am sick of your dirty habit, I will bite your butt.
Jerry started to run away with Pip chasing after him.

He almost caught him but Jerry was to quick.

So I shouted Jerry to come with me.

He came running over
I said never mind the digging holes follow me, I will show you what to do, go to the rocks .
T hats right any rocks will do, now do what I do and do not dare cock your leg on me.
Stupid daft dog followed me about and did not cock his leg once.
In the end I just said aw kiss my furry butt.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

We were in the Park today I was not feeling to good, little Pip shouted me, he said Jerry has piddled on me again.

I looked and Jerry was not near him I said don't tell lies.
Jerry was just walking behind Pip.
Jerry said I did not do anything, I would not do that.
Alfie the boxer who was having a rest said I saw him do it, Jerry walked up and peed on him.

Oscar the boxer said I saw him to.
Look his back is wet.
Pip said yes and Bobby did not believe me, so when we came home I went and gave him a big cuddle. I said I am sorry for not believing you, you are my best furend.
He said its okay Bobby, I am glad we are furends, He said I love you Bobby. I felt much better
this daft little dog made me feel good.
I said, Thank you I love you to, my little Pip.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just look at me, I could not believe my eyes this morning, now I know it rained all night but I was not prepared for my park to be flooded.
We walked to the bridge and could not cross, John said we will go to the next bridge.
The next bridge was just as bad, we finally got over at the top bridge.
I got a shock now there is a lake in my park, and daft furbodys were playing in it.
They were chasing about and looked like they were enjoying it.
Guess who wanted to join them?.
Pip asked if he could go and play in the water, John said no he could not, he said they are big dogs, it would come over your head. John put the lead on him quick before he dashed in.
Jerry said I do not want to go in so I do not need my lead on.
We had to go back to the top bridge again, so I hope it does not rain tonight. we might not even get in the park if it does,

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hello all furbodys, I have had to go to see my vet doctor, my heart is not to good, but I have got some tablets so paws crossed, I will be okay.
So we went for a nice walk in the park, then John said do you want to go to the beach, I said no I will just take it easy and rest.
Pip and Jerry went, they played on the beach, until Jerry cocked his leg and piddled on Pip.
Pip told Jerry it was rude to do that, he said you can dig a hole and wee in it.
Pip dug a hole and shouted Jerry to see it.
He said see now you wee in the hole like this.

Jerry only went and did it again on my little Pip, its a good job I did not go.
He said to Pip you are like a little girl squatting.

John told Jerry off for doing it, but Jerry said he did not do anything.
Pip stood on a rock, he said you can not lift your leg this high and I will not come down until you say sorry.
But Jerry just stuck his tongue out, so John brought them home.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Sam and Pip were playing at the park, Pip said to me I like Sam, she is better than you.
I had to laugh when we came home, Pip was crying to John, He said Sam was on his blanket
and would not get off.

Sam was laughing at him, she called him a cry baby, she said there is enough room for you.
But Pip said it was his blanket, and she should get off.
He went into the sulks and took his little duck on top of a stool that was on his toy box.
Sam has gone home now her holiday is over, so Pip has got his blanket back.
He said he is not getting off it, now he will not even let little Jerry on.