Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hi, Little Pip was still sad last night so uncle Brian met us in Backhouse Park and brought his dogs and Pip was pleased to see Taylor the Rotti.
They ran about and played so Pip forgot about Tina for a while.
Pip cheered up and Taylor was glad to see him to.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

This is little Tina's last walk with us this morning, she said she is exited and a bit worried about going to her new home.

Pip said not to worry because John said she is going to a great home and she will be fine.

Tina and Pip had a little sleep while she was waiting to go, Liz and Bill came to pick her up, they were going to take her to the beach in Blyth where they live to meet all their fur friends.
When they left Pip went on and on to go to the beach so in the end we went.
He said he had heard that Tina would be there, daft dog I told him there are lots of beaches.
He asked John for two balls he said Tina will come running when she sees the balls.

He waited and waited for her to come and was looking all around for her.
John said come on it's time to go, Pip said he was waiting for Tina so John said well we will leave you here, so I hope he is still there when we go back tomorrow and does not forget the tide comes in. He! He!.
John Brenda and us furbodys would like to thank Liz and Bill for giving Tina a great forever home.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Hi, Little Tina is going to her new home tomorrow, so we are wishing her well.
Pip is sad he has been playing with her, although I think she thinks he is a little pest.
We went to Tunstall Hill today, after the nice weather we have had It was all misty cold and raining, and bald bonce takes us up there. So we played chasing around to try to keep warm.
When we got fed up of chasing I said now what should we do.
Pip said he dared me to go and roll in that load of smelly stuff we passed, so I said I would if he would. Tina said she was not going to get dirty because her new owners might not take her.
We sent her to distract John, while we had a good roll in some really nice stinky stuff.
Boy that feels good.

John shouted at us and said we will have to have a bath, I thought we smelled like best perfume, John did not.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hello every furbody and two legged types, Brenda is hobbling about now so she is cooking our sausage on a night so it is really good and not burnt, so that has made me much happier. It has been a great sunny day.
Tina is happy two, we were at the park and she likes Oscar the Boxer now she was a bit frightend of him at first.
Pip wanted a boxing match with him, but Oscar is too soft to fight.
We went to the beach tonight it was still nice and warm, Pip and Tina chased a ball for ages.
Pip got soaked as usual
Tina and I were just chatting about how nice it was when Pip shook himself all over us.

But it was too nice to get grumpy so I just smilled.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hi Brenda is feeling much better now she is going to get the plaster removed on Thursday it will be a long time before she walks properly. But I know she is feeling better because she is looking round at all the jobs John has not done, she said there is so much dust on the TV how could we see a picture, well it looked okay to us.
We looked after Taylor for a few hours on Saturday, he is very big now but Pip did not care he was very pleased to see him and still played, Tina was not sure about him but she got lots of toys out. Pip still wanted the one Taylor had.
We went to the park and Taylor enjoyed himself Tina got to like him and was okay when we came back, I was not happy at the three of them flying about.
Tina and Pip are getting closer, as long as they do not try to lie near me I don't care, Pip only wants me when there is no other furbodys here.

He still likes a nurse like a little pup on a night, if all the big dogs who he plays with saw him they would howl with laughter.

Friday, 12 June 2009

We saw Harvey at the park he is an adopted pawz dog, Pip said to Tina watch me chase this big dog. He was showing off because he doe's play with Harvey and he knows he is a good gentle dog

Then he saw Oscar the boxer and ran to him, Oscar threw himself on the ground as soon as he saw Pip, Tina was impressed she thinks he is some little supper dog.

Tina is staying close to Pip she thinks he will protect her, daft dog.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Well at last a little time to do my blog, it has been a very worrying few weeks. Brenda is out of hospital again and has to take Warfarin to thin her blood. But she is nagging John so is obviously feeling a lot better. She will be getting her plaster off in a couple of weeks, but John said she will not be running about. Well she never did before so that will not make any difference.

This is little Tina, John was not going to foster any dogs for a while until Brenda was up and about, but he could not resist this little girl even I like her, Pip said she could be his friend too so she licked his face.

Tina loves a ball so doe's Pip but he keeps pinching her ball, she is very good and just follows him about until he puts it down.