Wednesday, 31 March 2010

This is Toby he is only 4 months old, a member of his family had an allergy so he now needs a new home, he came today,  he is very good and comes when called,

I think little Ebony likes him, she chased after him in the park, I might take him to my beach tomorrow.

Little Nikki was checked out at the vets, she has a heart murmur and needed her teeth cleaning, she has gone to a new home so that is good news. The lady who has taken her has another old poodle so it is very kind of  her to take Nikki.

Little Ebony and Pip were getting the sun, I could see a big black cloud coming , but I did not tell them, I went inside and lay on my bed.

They were fast asleep when the rain came,I had to laugh as they ran in all wet.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

This little furbody came today, John nearly passed out
he thought it was Frenchie,s Mum coming to look for her.
Her name is Nikki and she is a old poodle who's owner has died,
 she will be getting a full vet check on Tuesday.

She said I have brought a couple of toys with me
 can I just pop them on the sofa,
John said of course you can, just make yourself at home.

I said excuse me but where am I going to lie,
 she said well not with my Teddies and toys.

John took her for a walk so I moved all her things and
stretched right out,
It was bad enough at the park this morning,
little Ebony follows me about.

I said to John I can not even do my pee-mail
 without her watching me.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Little Ebony was smelling the flowers today in the park., it is still cold, but the sun came out and we could feel
a bit of warmth.

Then Oscar came she said he is squashing all the flowers, he is not tip toeing through them like I am.
Oscar said even if you stood on them you would not squash them..

Ebony said well I am going to sniff the flowers over here where you have not squashed them or pee-mailed on them. Another daft dog just wandering about sniffing.. Oh dear me, I don't mean .you Mega Martha or Bailey.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I was just getting a nice warm when John said " Bobby little Ebony is cold let her by the fire,
I looked and her whole little body was shivering. So I said I will move away and she can come here.

Ebony said thank you Bob, I said my name is Bobby.
She said I am sorry Bobby.

Ebony lay down and sighed she said this is nice and warm.
Pip said I am nice and warm even though I have been scalped.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Little Ebony has settled in really well, she follows John about, John said she is very cute, although she is 4 she has not been spayed yet, so that will have to be done.
It will have to be a special home for this little girl as she gets upset if she can not see John or Brenda, she will howl if they tried to go out without her. I said to her that's silly if they went out we could lie any where we want.
Anyone interested in little Ebony contact
Lassie who was in the paper and on TV with Lady for being Err rather rotund, went to a new home on Saturday she is also being sponsored by Royal Canin obesity food and is loosing weight.
Lady has lost well over 4kg now, Janet said she is much more active, and is jumping about ready for her walk as opposed to lying on her bed hoping she does not have to go. So this is all good news.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

We did not know but Saturday was our last walk on the beach with Millie.
Millie has gone to a new home today, John said she has a great new home and she will be a part of the family.
Millie told Pip yesterday that she was going to see a family today, and they might want her, she whispered to Pip, she said you will have to play with Ebony. Pip said they might not want you.
We went to the beach in the rain, little Ebony was saying pick me up.
John said well run for the ball first, I am reading my pee-mail and writing some in the top right
of the photo against my wall.
She watched and John rolled the ball a little way.
John thought she was going for it.

Ebony went about three yards and came back.

She said now pick me up.
John said well run a bit first
She did run but only to keep up with John, he is about as fast as a snail so that was no effort for her.
Then she was there again saying pick me up.
John was still saying no, we have come for a walk.
She pleaded and pleaded.
As I ran past to go to another part of my wall she was getting picked up.

We would like to thank Paul and his family for giving Millie a lovely new home,we wish them all every happiness. Pip also says thanks as he has got his bed back!!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

John has been doing this jigsaw for ages and one piece was missing.
What is that Pip mop boy has got, he has chewed a piece of jigsaw
He was sorry and promised he would have his hair cut with out making trouble.
Once it was cut he was not happy in fact he was really miserable.
He ran down to the wash house and lay in a corner he said every furbody will laugh at me.
John said come on and get your new collar on, he cheered up a bit.
We went to the park Pip was looking about in case any furbody was around.
Millie was playing with Cyril again.
Little Ebony was enjoying her walk,
she was sniffing all over.

Pip said or to heck , he stood on a bench and shouted look at me, no furbody cared what he looked like. Daft dog.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Little Ebony did keep us awake last night she ran about and cried , but John told me to be prepared for that. I got off my comfy bed and went down stairs so I slept okay.
She was a bit shivery so we got this nice little jumper for her, you can see she is small.
Once she had her little jumper on John took her a walk and she seemed a lot happier when she came back.

She came in licking her lips Pip said what have you been eating, she said not telling.
Millie and Pip followed her about they said tell us have you had a treat, she said, not saying.
Pip said you have had a hair cut that's okay for a girl , they want me to have one tomorrow, but I am not going to, I like my scruffy look.