Sunday, 23 March 2014

Little Madddie has got a little ball now she is

 She can pick it up even with no teeth she has
had them all out.
 She loves it
 She sends it to John for him to roll back.
 All went well until Dippy Pip pinched the
little ball and would not give it back.
So now no dog is getting it.

Well now look her comes more Maddies
sister and mum.

 Mum is in the middle.
 This is Penny the mum, also no teeth, she
always has her tongue out 
Yorkshire pudding Pip and me went for
some peace.
The great news is Liz and Brian have adopted
Penny the mum last night  such kind hearts,
and Missie was adopted this morning.

Maddie said why does nobody want her. 


Sunday, 16 March 2014


Well the good news is little Jack was
adopted by the vet.

I went to say I hope he would have a good
life now.
All the vet staff fell in love with him
but that's because they do not know me.
Well that's what I think.
This is little Madi she is 8 years old, and a 
little love, John said that  (NOT ME)
She now needs a new home so does her sister
and her mother.
The lady has to leave her home soon.

She is very lively and loves a ball

Daft dog she is that small she can
not lift the ball up.
We will get her a little ball.
She is very good and runs back all
the time.

This is her favourite position.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014

 Hi Well little Jack has been very sad his
operation has been a big one and he might need
more surgery yet.

The vet said she did not know how he has
lived the way he was. That could be why
he was dumped on a allotment and left.

I got off my bed, I said Jack could go on
Jack said he is very brave and does not need
 my bed
Now a few days later and look at him.