Friday, 23 April 2010

This is little Tilly, I thought Pips hair had grown over night she is just like Pip even the same age 2 years old, but she is very shy, and she is now needing a new home.
Brenda has gone to Cheshire to see her parents she took little Pip with her, and John went out and came back with Tilly from the vets she has just had the dreaded operation.
Today we took her to my park she met the other Tilly who we had on foster  at the same time as Martha.
we often see her.

Tilly 1 seemed to like Tilly 2 but Tilly 2 was very nervous, so we let her just look about on her own. She is like little Ebony she wants to be carried all the time.

Tilly was all smiles when we got home she sat in the sun for quite a while I do not think she has been out much, so it will take time and she will not move with  a lead on.
Brenda away so we had burnt sausage again I was amazed little Tilly ate three it is the first thing she has eaten since yesterday, she must like burnt sausage. Daft dog.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

This is Ben he is 8 months old and is very playful and friendly he is looking for a home as his owner is unable to give him the exercise he needs

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ebony has gone to a new home yesterday, we have rang and she is a little upset but I am sure she will soon settle okay.

Little Ebony met Baloo on our last walk with her before she went to her new home, she was only as big as her foot.

Pip and Ebony were in the sun again when we came back from the park.

Pip told Ebony  he was going to miss her when she went.. 
He always says that to all the foster dogs, he even keeps saying that to me. 
Then John took her, Brenda was very upset to see her go as she was so small she makes you feel sorry for her, even I did. But I am sure she will be happy in her new home.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We went a walk to Tunstal Hill on Saturday before Toby went to his new home.
I said come on I will take you up my hill, you can just see little Ebony in her red jumper she is so small she is just like a blot on the land scape or even a ladybird..

They followed me up to the top Ebony always stays close to me, Toby was enjoying his walk with us, it was his last, John took him to his new home when we got back, so we wish him well in his new home.

This is the mess after one fine day, and a couple of women with children had a BBQ  then walked away and left all their rubbish, this was just some it was strewn all over.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Toby is going to a new home tomorrow so we wish him well, he was very scared of furbodys when we took him to the beach he sat down for a while.

Toby soon got used to the other dogs, when I said they were all my furends, and they are kind and not grumpy like me, so he joined in to play with them.
Toby was still a bit frightened when we saw Liz and Brian with their dogs and Taylor the Rottie so I said they are all okay and Taylor is just a big softy. We have been to the beach a lot. the park was very muddy and Toby loved the mud so the beach was better.
Toby said to Ebony I am going to a new home, will you miss me, she said I will miss you just for you check.

So Ebony said to Toby he could lie with her if he did not jump about while she had a sleep in the sun, I think it was very hard for him to keep still.
Our Lap Top cable has been chewed so we are waiting for one to come, John has tapped the chewed one up but it is not very good so we will get around to all our furends as soon as we can.