Wednesday, 26 August 2015

This is little Ozzy he is a 6 years old King Charles
, and now needs a new home.

Ozzy has just come  after his visit to the vets, so 
he is a bit groggy at the moment.

He does seem to love getting in the car.

He also likes a cuddle.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lady has now gone to her new home, she has
two new furends Hetty and Cyril who are giant 
Lurches next to Lady. They are very gentle 
and seem to be paying homage already.

Lady is trying all sleeping places

 Ah at last she seems to have  found her place.
Lady has a nice new collar on and all her new tags.
This is what Lady's new owner has said when she
sent the photos
She’s had a lovely afternoon.  She has tried every chair and bed in the house, been to the park, had a run with Hetty and Cyril, chased her ball and even rubbed noses with 2 of the cats. She is now sleeping after devouring her tea. 
Thank you so much for letting me adopt her! 

We are so happy for Lady and we thank you for giving Lady her new home and we know she
will be  loved.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Lady is now enjoying playing with toys and
is getting more confidence.

Lady thinks she is a lap dog.

She has furends now and chases about with them.