Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We took Tyler to my park, to see some of my furends,
it is all nice green now.

                                         The stream is dry with no good rain for so long.

                                               We saw Max he was the only one in the park.

We went up the steps to the top field ,no dogs in sight.

Just as we were leaving Pip said look who is here.
It was little Tilly who we had fostered a year ago.

She came over to see me, and to tell me how happy she is.

Tilly took Tyler to see her mum and her Sister.

She said it is great for me if I want I hop on and have a ride.

We walked round and Tilly just got on and off, Tyler said
he would like that to.

This was Tilly with us and a big smile to get a new home.
She told Tyler he must smile.

So he has done his best.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today I told Tyler to keep back while I looked
for four leaf clovers.

I found one and Tyler ran up he was going to eat it.
So I pee-mailed it to John.

Then I found more, I am very good at finding them now.

I found four so we are pressing them in a big book.
John said I can pick the Lotto numbers.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Little Tyler is following me all the time, I was looking
for a four leaf clover for John.

I shouted to John when I found one, Tyler and Pip came to look.

I said watch it until John comes and Tyler ate it.
Another daft dog.
Now they are lying together, Pip is sorry for letting Tyler eat my clover,
Tyler just does not care.

Monday, 9 May 2011

 I wanted to go camping again, so John got me a tent,
He said this is just for you Bobby.

Its great I was nice and relaxed.

Then Tyler came, he said oh goodie a tent.
he shouted to Pip to come and see.

I said this is a one dog tent

Pip pushed in he said there is lots of room.
Now they are in my tent with no room for me.
I said to John tell them to get out.

Pip grinned at me and stuck his tongue out.

I told John they were both calling me names.
He made them get out.

Now I am happy, Pip and Tyler were told to let
me have my tent back, and there is a notice,
they have to keep out.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Little Oscar came to stay for a few days, he was all white
and clean. He is a bit scruffy since he came here, he went
into the duck pond in all the mud.

When we came back we had our breakfast, then I walked
out to get a bed by the pool, Tyler was already there.
All the beds were booked they had put toys on to claim them.
I said this is as bad as on holiday when they all put towels on
the pool loungers, then go back to bed..

I shouted to John, he said there is four of you and four beds.
Baldy Pip said he wants one for him and one for his ball.

Pip came  he was nearly crying because his squeak bottle
was in the pool, he said he is not going in until his hair grows.
Tyler said he would go in for it, but only put  one paw in then
said , its to cold.

We all got a bed, Brenda came and sorted everything out,
 It got nice and hot Pip even took his jumper off.