Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hi, For those who did not know I was asked to play my pipes at Petey and Rosie,s wedding and what a grand affair it was. Rosie looked Divine and Petey so handsome. I look quite handsome to, don't you think.
Have a happy life Petey and Rosie.
We have Taylor the Rottie staying with us for a few days, he was playing with Pips Friends Oscar and Leo.
He was so sleepy when we came home, he lay down and said to Pip do not disturb me.

We could not sleep for the snoring.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

It is so nice to hear how our foster dogs are getting along in their forever homes, especially so with Jack as we knew Hazel from the park she always gave me lots of treats, so when she died Jack came to stay with us. Margaret his new mam has kindly kept us up to date with Jack.

This is the e-mail from Jack.

Hi,John, Bobby and Pip, Just to let you know that I am still keeping fit and am very happy, my mam and me shed a few tears on June the 18th as we were talking about Hazel and Margaret my Mam now told me that she thought that it was the first anniversary of the date that my first Mam Hazel passed away. I love my Mam and Dad and I will always love Hazel too. We still read your blog all the time and its good to see you all doing so well.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Well for those who live in the UK,I bet you all got wet today it has never stopped raining.
Pip found a burst ball and adopted it, I just wanted to go home I felt like a drowned rat.
Pip was asking me to play with him, John was trying to stay under trees to keep dry.

I went and had a little game with him, so we could get home out of the rain.
When we went out tonight Pip was so scared of the wind and lashing rain he would not walk so we had to come back home. Another great British summer, Oh! I forgot to tell you Brenda bought a tent, she will be camping on her own.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hi, Little Whiskey has gone to a home right by the beach, so I am sure he will be happy.
This is Rex who was here before I came, Heather and Stuart adopted him, he goes all over on holiday with them.
They have been to Suffolk and Norfolk, on a boat trip he even made a bed out of the life lifebuoy.

I think he thought there were to many on board so he took no chances.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hello furends we have had a lovely day today,the sun has shone all day, we have been to the park this morning and the beach this afternoon.

Brenda had put the lounger out to rest on but guess who got on.
Whiskey got himself on the bench, and stretched right out.

He would not let anyone else sit on.
John had to sit on a plastic chair for his coffee break, I think they are both very cheeky.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Whisky asked to go to the park again today.

I let him go to all my trees because I felt sorry for him, his dad died and he had just stayed at his feet until he was found.
I still had to put my pee-mail over his though.
I followed him about to try to cheer him up, John said you can tell he has been a much loved dog.
We took him to Tunstall Hill and he liked there to. You can just see the sea ferry it goes from Newcastle to Amsterdam.
When we came back we all crashed out again, but I think Whisky is thinking of his dad, he must miss him so much.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

A new foster dog came to stay today his name is Whisky he is old, I think older than me even.
he is a Whippet. As soon as John put Whiskies bed down Pip jumped in Whisky was complaining about it.
John said take no notice of him you can lie with me, but guess who shot across and got up next to him
I said come on I will take you to the park and show you my trees.
I was telling Whisky all about my park and putting my best smile on.
He liked my park and my trees.
He met some of my furends.

Pip said he will take him to his beach, I said it is not your beach it is our beach, he said well it is our park then. He put me in a bad mood so the next picture will not be shown.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

We have been to the beach and are now relaxing.
Happy 4th to all our USA furends

This is comfy
so is this
and this

Friday, 3 July 2009

Hello, This is Alfie( black and white) who John had fostered before he even knew me, he said he was a really nice dog. I said he looks like a mini me but black instead of brown, John said no he is nothing like you he is not grumpy. His furend is Asher who he went to live with he uses him as a cushion.

Alfie has a plastic hip from an accident when he was a pup, but John said it does not stop him flying about. It is so nice to hear from the people who have adopted a dog, so thank you Ann for keeping us up to date.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Little Pip is walking about with his smiley face, so he looks happy, he is still missing Tina. I had to point out he looked daft, it is upside down, and Tina had chewed the nose off.
So he went to Brenda and said do I look like I am happy, she said you do take no notice of Bobby
he would not know happy if it jumped up and bit his butt.
So I walked round the park smiling at all humans and furbodys.
I am a happy Bobby the sun is shining and every body has treats today.
We met Ruth and a lady with a bag of treats we all liked her a lot.
Jan was there with Oscar and Ruby and lots of other dogs, I kept on smiling all the time.

Pip had to have a cuddle when we came back, he is still a soft thing.