Monday, 9 April 2012

Pip is away with Brenda and Peggy is going to
see a Lady to see if she will give her a new home.
We went for a long walk so Peggy would rest
in the car.

Peggy came to me she said I hope I do get a
new home. I could not eat any more burnt
I told her every time Brenda goes away
John eats sausage and chips, sausage and mash
sausage in a bun.
They are always burnt and we get one as
a treat.

Peggy was stood looking about, I said what you
looking at,
She said I am looking at a beautiful day, and
I think every things going my way.

I said come on lets go, I thought she was going
to start singing.
Peggy sent this she now has a new mum Margaret
and a friend, Catharine Margaret's Granddaughter.
So we wish Peggy a happy life we are sure she
will be a good companion for Margaret.
She said Margaret never burns sausage.