Thursday, 3 April 2014

This is Tilly she needs a new home as
her owner has gone into a home.
She has been with a Lady on
her own.
We think she is 7 or 8 she was
scared of John I do not think
she is used to men.
 But she follows Brenda about
all the time.
We are getting very wet here we
even had to find Tilly a coat.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

 Little Maddie likes lying on Pip to
keep warm.
She always backs onto him, so he
wont move away.

She thinks he doesn't know she is there, he does
but he loves her. 
The lady in the back ground and her father
adopted Missy.
All Maddie was interested in was the boll.

I think only a mother could love that face,
I said to Pip we will never find a home for
Now I am pleased to say Maddie has got a
new home.
John and Brenda are missing her, Pip
is too he liked her a lot.
But we all wish the cheeky little girl a
good life.