Saturday, 7 March 2009

At the beach this furbody I had not seen before came up to say hello, Pip was busy digging a hole to bury his ball. No wonder he keeps losing them. I thought I better say hello and be nice as he was a lot bigger than me..

We saw my friend Mary with Susie at the beach, Oscar and Ruby were not there. Susie was telling us about Oscar. A dog had found a big joint of meat, and ran onto the beach . Oscar got it and was eating it Jan told him to leave it. Every body on the beach was trying to get it off him but he ran all over and ate it all. So this picture is for Oscar just a little idea so he does not get hungry.

Oscar brought a little treat with him.


Martha Basset said...

Hi Bobby

OMG what a huge dog that was! Do you think it was lost?
We are so jealous of everyone who has a beach! You always seem to meet up with frieds too. Did Mary have anything in her pockets today?
It looks really good fun - when we go we will dig holes and see if we find any of Pip's balls!

Martha & Bailey xx

Oscar the Beagle! said...

If only it had looked as tasty as that! Mind I wouldn't mess with that big black dog behind!

I'm on rice today (sniff sniff)

Anyone with a spare roast send it my way pleaseeeeeeeee

susie said...

Bobby tell John the picture of the cow made Mary laugh pity it wasnt so funny when we were all trying to get the joint off beaf off Oscar