Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hello every furbody and two legged types, Brenda is hobbling about now so she is cooking our sausage on a night so it is really good and not burnt, so that has made me much happier. It has been a great sunny day.
Tina is happy two, we were at the park and she likes Oscar the Boxer now she was a bit frightend of him at first.
Pip wanted a boxing match with him, but Oscar is too soft to fight.
We went to the beach tonight it was still nice and warm, Pip and Tina chased a ball for ages.
Pip got soaked as usual
Tina and I were just chatting about how nice it was when Pip shook himself all over us.

But it was too nice to get grumpy so I just smilled.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
Glad Brenda made your not burnt sausage!
I love to see your happy face in those pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Martha Basset said...

Hi Bobby
What a lovely happy smile you have in your beach photos. The beach is the perfect place to be when it is so hot!
We are glad Benda is hobbling about and cooking sausages - she will have to take it easy though so perhaps John is not off the hook quite yet!
Tina looks as though she is quite at home and Pip looks his usual tireless self!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Pedro said...


Tina looks alot like my friends Bijou and Banjo. She should check out their blog if she hasn't already. There is a link on my blog. Nice beach pictures! Ziggy always does that shaking off on me thing too - so annoying...


Eric said...

Ah Bobby some nice hot dogs cooked by Brenda, playtime on the beach and good pals. Sounds like you have a lot to smile about my friend. Plus another thing to smile about..you look dashing and handsome when you smile and I can see Tina's notice *Wink...

Wiry wags n kissies, ERic xxx

Asta said...

Snausages and the beach wif fwiends to wun awound wif? Now that's what I call a pawfect day.
I can undewstand why you don't want to be gwumpy
smoochie kisses

happy said...

Bobby, you have such a nice smile! Glad to hear Brenda is getting so much better and you're getting yummy cooking from her!

Tee said...

What happy dog photos! Made us all smile :)

Licks and wags

Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack