Monday, 30 March 2009

After lots of meetings and discussions, the directors of Pawz have decided I could be adopted and remain the Pawz For Thought Mascot. They sent me a special adoption form. I had to agree to let John adopt me and be less grumpy. John had to agree to make sure he does not burn the sausage's and to give me lots of treats. I got a special gold adoption logo just for me, I am now officially Grumpy Bobby Taylor. The only bad thing is the Mop is my brother now.

To every furend who has supported me and human friends you have all been just pawsome, thank you from the bottom of my grumpy little heart.

To celebrate I flew to New York and went to the Rainbow Rooms to party with furends from around the world.

This beautiful lady is Nessa we were introduced by Martha and were drawn to each other at once, we danced the night away with all our furends. We did not speak much as Nessa could understand very little English and I woof English only, but it did not matter, I do hope we meet again.
You must admit I scrub up well, and as Martha pointed out since my adoption I do look younger.
Thank you to Petey for organising the whole evening as ever it was a huge success.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Now I have a big dilemma, I have received a letter from the directors of Pawz For Thought to say, They have for quite some time considered me the Pawz For Thought Mascot. If I insist on being adopted by John and Brenda I will have to give up this prestigious position.
I am apparently a shining example, and a great help to the charity in the re-homing of all furry things even Rabbits and Hamsters and of course Dogs and Cats.
They have said that if I did not appreciate the position of Mascot to such a good and charitable cause, they are sure they could find a Dog, Cat Rabbit or Hamster that would be eager and proud to take over from me.
I have asked John to see could I be half adopted by him and still stay the Paws Mascot, just so I know I will not be taken away from him.
John said nobody has wanted you for two years or more, I doubt if they will be beating a path to the door to adopt you now.
So what should I do??? It needs a lot of thought.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

This is all us furbodys from all over the world at Poopie's First Birthday, we flew to Manila and went straight to do the Edge Coaster. Well I was too scared so I said I will do the Skywalk. Pip called me a chicken he said he will do both.

Of course he had to show off, he sat right on the edge 38 stories up.Daft Dog

Then we went and had a great party, and did a special birthday dance for Poopie before rushing back to the airport to fly home.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Well I think John is giving in he was talking to Brenda, I heard him say, I think we should adopt Bobby, nobody else wants him. He was reading all the comments of support for me to be adopted.

We went to the park and Susie was sitting waiting for John she said, Bobby is my furend you must adopt him.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

What if someone wants me, (well you never know). The person who was going to adopt me took one look and adopted a cat instead this was last year but here is what I said and felt. (from old post)
Hi, broken hearted Bobby here,The Mop is always saying mum and dad; I said its John and Brenda. It is to you, he said, because you don’t belong here really you don’t have a proper home you don’t have a mum and dad, You are just a foster dog.But of course I have, Brenda and John are my mum and dad, its just I am older than the Mop so I am allowed to call them by their first names.Then last night I went to bed at 2130 as usual, then very late John came up and I looked up, he said you could be going to a new home soon. I was so pleased I like new places.I woke early this morning and when I walked into the room John was teaching the Mop how to do my blog, I said he can not do that, John said he will have to learn If you go to a new home, what! Me, just me on my own, I thought you meant we were all going.My little heart was pounding I really have tried to be good, if John calls me when we are out I come straight away, I only grump at some dogs, I have even been playing with the Mop. I thought John loved me now, he is always saying, aw, our little Bobby.I did not mean to cock my leg and wee down Mary’s jeans in the park, There was a few of us there and no one saw me do it, when Mary felt it and said I think it was Bobby, John stuck up for me and said, you are blaming poor little Bobby because he is the only dog who has not got a proper home, they all went aww, so if that’s what it’s about, I promise I will never do it again.I know I go on about wanting a home, but I really thought they could not let me go, because they care for me so much.I love them both and now I am so worried about moving on with out John who seems to understand me so well.My little heart is aching I feel like it is breaking in two, I am so frightened what is going to become of me?????

This was me begging John to adopt me, he just keeps saying you might get a nice new family.
Now who would want to have this little Pip (Mop) doing my blog. He is just too silly.
Now I have some furends and friends I am sure you could organise an adopt Grumpy Bobby campaign.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Evo went to meet his new family today, Pip cried to go because he could not go to see Molly's new family. So John took him to see Evo's new brother.

He did not want to leave Evo, John said Pip cried on the way home.

This is Evo in his new home so he looks settled already, so that's good.

Pip had to have a nurse and suck his ball when he came back. He keeps looking for Evo. I am glad he is gone he chewed my squeaky toys they don't squeak now. I hid some so I can get them out again now.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

This is Mac he is looking for a new home, he is fit and active, even though he is Ten years old. He is friendly and not aggressive at all.

We went to the park this morning and saw Oscar the boxer, Evo likes to play with him, I think he likes the big dogs, he must be sick of playing with little Pip.

They let Pip play along and he seems to be able to keep up with them, I think he thinks he is as big as they are.

I did what I always do begged for treats, I have even taught Evo to ask for treats.

When we came back Pip was very sleepy

We went to the beach Pip thought he could walk out to Susie but he had to swim

Even Evo went to play in the water,Pip said, follow me I will teach you to swim.

Evo would not follow him, he said, I think I might sink I am too heavy, pip said if you start to sink you can get on my back, I will swim you back in. Daft dog.

A big dog came he said, I am the life guard is everything okay. Evo said, yes I thought I was too heavy to swim but if you can then I should be okay you are a lot bigger and heavier than me. The life guard dog said, Oh I can not swim but I can walk out a long long way.

When we came back we all crashed out, Evo had to lie near Pip, I think he thinks Pip will protect him. John has not told Pip that Evo is going to his new home tomorrow, after his carry on over Molly, he told me not to say anything or Pip will get upset. John said he will tell him in the morning.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

We have just noticed that even though Evo is asleep with his eyes shut. The brown spots make him look like he is looking at you

We saw our furend Susie at the beach, we were just going to go home, but we got another walk, we walked along with Mary and Susie.

Then we saw Jan with little Ruby. John said, who is that with little Ruby and Jan. I said, oh that's Oscar the Beefeater.( Oscar ate a whole joint)

When Evo saw little Ruby he could not leave her alone, he likes her a lot.

He went and said something in her ear, I do not know what it was but she ran away.

But she went back so I think she likes him too.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Fight Night

Stupid little dog he really does not know he is small, what a good thing Evo is such a nice dog.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

At the park Pip ran in the stream, John had told him not to, he stood shouting for Evo until he went in.

He seemed to enjoy the water and stood there for quite a while.

Evo was told off for following Pip, and Pip was told off for going in when he was told not to.

Evo said we will play leap frog, Pip said but I have to jump very high and you don't., so I will play with my ball. Evo ran away then ran back shouting leap frog here I come. If Pip had not moved I am sure Evo would have squashed him flat,

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Today we had a Pawz dog walk day, we all met at the beach, John was not going to take me, but I said, I would be good and not grump at any furbodys

Evo met his brother Taylor I think they were happy to see each other again.Also his sister Millie came.
This is me with Taylor and I did not grump at him, well only a little grump.

My friend Ben the rottie was there too and we smiled at each other, I had my eye on Millie, Ben said I have already asked her to come home with me, she said yes. He said sorry Bob but I did see her first. So I said fair enough Ben, its just our house is like a bachelor pad, Pip, Evo and me its a bit boring.

There was little tiny dogs there, and all furbody's got on well.

Pip of course showed himself up pinching all the balls. we saw my furend Susie as well.

This is Millie with my furend Sussie.

I went to speak to Ben's mam to say thank you for the Bandanna, I was very good.

When we came back Auntie Liz and Uncle Brian came back with us with their furbodys, John was telling us all a story. It could be we were all tired, or John was boring but we never heard the end we all fell asleep

Friday, 13 March 2009

We saw Tilly at the park again, and now we can see why Pip has a floppy ear. Tilly was here quite a while before she was adopted so she was always hanging onto his ear. So it might never stick up, ah well he would not be any more intelligent if it did.

Evo found a nice stick and was playing with it all by himself, until Pip ran and took it off him.

Then Tilly tried to take it so it ended up in little bits.

Evo went to tell John about Pip and Tilly, John said, they are just little pests, ignore them. He had to give Evo a little cuddle so he would stop crying.

Then he cheered up because we saw Oscar the boxer, he likes playing with him, and little Maisie, she played tug with him.

When we came home, Evo went and lay on Pip's bed and he does not fit,
Pip said you will squash my little bed, Evo said, well you pinched my stick so I don't care.