Friday, 23 April 2010

This is little Tilly, I thought Pips hair had grown over night she is just like Pip even the same age 2 years old, but she is very shy, and she is now needing a new home.
Brenda has gone to Cheshire to see her parents she took little Pip with her, and John went out and came back with Tilly from the vets she has just had the dreaded operation.
Today we took her to my park she met the other Tilly who we had on foster  at the same time as Martha.
we often see her.

Tilly 1 seemed to like Tilly 2 but Tilly 2 was very nervous, so we let her just look about on her own. She is like little Ebony she wants to be carried all the time.

Tilly was all smiles when we got home she sat in the sun for quite a while I do not think she has been out much, so it will take time and she will not move with  a lead on.
Brenda away so we had burnt sausage again I was amazed little Tilly ate three it is the first thing she has eaten since yesterday, she must like burnt sausage. Daft dog.


Martha and Bailey said...

My goodness do you have Ben and Tilly?
No wonder John is burning sausages!
Well Bobby we hope Brenda has a nice time and we hope Tilly settles.
Martha & Bailey xxx
ps do you want us to send you a few mountains?

Schwang said...

I was wondering if she was a bit like Ebony in that way. Those TIlly's look nothing alike!

Lorenza said...

Tilly sure looks happy!
I have never eaten a burnt sausage!
I hope Brenda is having a good time at her parents place!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Oscar the Beagle! said...

Burnt sausages mmmm! You do live the high life with John don't you Bob!
Poor little Tilly 2 was very scared at the park - she'll get used to us very soon I'm sure or at least she put up with a visit to the park with the promise of burnt offerings on her return lol x

Eric said...

Aw be gentle with Tilly 2 won't you? Bet your glad to be rid of Pip for a while even if it does mean burnt sausages. Better smother them in ketchup and stick them in a roll.

Wiry loves Eric xxxx

havetailwillwag said...

yay!! burnt sausage!!!! any sausage is good sausage to my silly pooches ;)

TwoSpecialWires said...

Did you think we'd forgotten you? Nope. No way! We read your blog every time you update ... but Moma doesn't always let us take time to leave messages.

We wish we lived closer. We'd take Tilly2 home in a heartbeat. And we'd even bring you home, Handsome Bob. You might be looking for a new home if you complain about burnt sausage. I'd be careful if I were you.

Your Pal
Jake (and Fergi)

Anya said...

Little Tilly is sooooooooo CUTE !!!
I wish I could hug her :)))

HUgs Kareltje =^.^=

happy said...

She does look like Pip! What a cutie! Hope she gets a good home soon.