Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Pip and I were worried about where we were going to walk, but it is great we just come out and walk across the road then we have miles of  country to walk in.
We are heading to the woods you can see in the distance.

I was thinking of all those trees I have to pee-mail on so I started to hurry.

I could not decide where to start, Pip said start here, and pee-mailed on a blade of grass, daft dog well he has only got little legs.
We walked till I could not pee-mail any more, then we headed back .
It was a lovely day and we enjoyed  our walk.

This was me when we got back, zonked out.


Eric said...

Bobby your new walkies look smashing. All that countryside on your doorstep and a billion trees to pee on. Might hitch me a ride and mosey on up to your neck of the woods once your settles in. Pip can tell me what became of the pretty poodle that was chasing him. You know the one. Wink*

Sweet dreams pal. Eric xx

Ms. ~K said...

We've more trees thn we can pee on too!!!
Your countryside is beautiful...
I want to visit your area so badly!

Two Pitties in the City said...

That does look like a fun walk! It's great to see so much greenery.

Lorenza said...

You have the beach...
You have the country...
You are soooo lucky!
Kisses and hugs

Martha and Bailey said...

Oh Bobby, that looks like our walkies at home!
Perhaps you have moved near to us.
We have a field and then the woods.
It is the best walk for us dogs with lots to sniff and explore.
We know you and Pip must be busy with peemail to make things smell like home.
Once all that hard work is done you can relax and sniff out the bunnies, the squirrels and maybe even..........deer!
We can understand you are zonked but it is nice to see you looking comfortable in your new/old home.
We hope John and Brenda are also settling in to all the new yet familiar smells!
Welcome home to all of you.
love and kisses
Martha and Bailey xxx

Oscar the Beagle! said...

Wow that looks a lovely place to walk - I'm a bit jealous of all those trees Bobby x

susie said...

Hi bobby it loooks lovely where you are but you will be missed at the park hope to see you and pip at the beach i go early on the morning before it fills up with humans
licks and tail wags susie

Stella said...

That is a beautiful walk you are taking, Bobby.

As far as putting clothes on for the red/picture contest, it wouldn't hurt you to put a red bandana on and pose for a pic, now would it? After all you are one of our favorites.

You have until the 9th to e-mail the picture!


happy said...

Look at all the green! You two sure are very lucky to live in such a lovely place. Can I come visit some time? ;-)

havetailwillwag said...

that looks like such a wonderful day outdoors! i wish my pooches had all that space and greenery to run around in and enjoy but we live in the city and there are no woods anywhere and the air is polluted.. :(

William Tell said...

What a great place to walk and get pee-mail. I could spend hours in a place like that. Any squirrels in that area?

TwoSpecialWires said...

OK. Didn't take long to figure out. We've missed a lot (and we'll be letting Moma know that is NOT a good thing ... we're feeling bad about it!)

But we're here to say, we're back. Getting sleepy. Wanting to catch up when our heads aren't so heavy (tomorrow). But first we want you to know .... we've really really missed ya. We've been thinking aboutcha. And we're sorry we've been so remiss.

You are good friends. We want you to stay that way.


Love to Handsome Bob and Perky Pip and everybloggie else.
Jake and Fergs in Florida xxoo

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby, just dropped by to say Hello.
We know you are all busy over there with your house moving but just wanted to say we are thinking about you.
We hope you are enjoying the good weather - we bassets are finding it far too hot!
Thanks for dropping by to see us.
Take care of each other
love and kisses
Martha and Bailey and their human slaves xxx

Martha and Bailey said...

We hate thirteen comments so have to leave you with fourteen!!!!!

Roni said...

That must be a stressful walk huh? Now I understand why our human used to trap us in our rabbit hutches the outside world really is very tempting but with so many stresses.