Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mop Boy (Pip) is complaining about Tim, he has had little Penny since he was a pup,
she had a nice pink collar and a little tag saying Penny he carried her about but never chewed her..
Now the tag and the last of her little collar is chewed off.
John said take it off him, tell him he is not to chew it.
Tim said I am sorry Pip I did not know it was precious to you, he gave him little Penny back.
Tim said we will have a nice picture taken with little Penny.( Smile)
Pip said it is not the same now with no tag or collar, its not like my Penny. Tim said okay then I will carry on chewing it..

Lady will be coming here Tuesday to go into the vets early on Wednesday, so she will be weighed then as well, so we can let you know how she is getting on.

Friday, 26 February 2010

We went to the beach twice today and got soaked, but we enjoyed it.
Tim who was not sure of the sand on his tootsies at first loves it now, and gets exited about going.
The little red line from there all along is my beach all year, past that line is humans beach and its crap, dogs would not want it, but it is in front of the pub toilets and cafe.

This is my beach and we can sit there and have a drink, they were opening up as we left this morning but you have to sit outside. It gets packed in the summer people get against the wall and cook themselves all day.
The tide is not right out yet but when it is we can go past those rocks and right along, part way along we come off in the summer for about one hundred yards where toilets cafe and shops are then back on, so that is great.
That long wall is my p-mail wall, and we have nice flat sand on my beach.
Ha! Ha! this is the human beach we can go on now but like I said no furbodys want to.
This is the other way up to the jutty out bit is for humans the rest is all mine.
They will start cleaning it up for the summer, but some humans still would rather come on my beach, and I have been known to cock my leg on things I should not. This has caused John problems, also when they come to play football and we have a dog on foster who loves footballs and you hear that pop and shouting. So for us the beach has to be visited early and late in the summer but that's good.
Now this is the Smugglers Pub and John took us in to have a drink and get a warm, Tim said he had not been in a pub before.
I said you should not be in now you are only 7 months old.

I said to John he is far to young to come in here, John said well you go and stand out side with him cheek. The Smugglers often gets flooded when there are high tides, mostly high spring tides.
But there is always a nice bowl of water for us.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We went to the beach today, and we met Mary and Susie, I don't think Tim had been on the beach before.
He ran about on the sand and really enjoyed it.
I had all my walls to leave p-mail on.
He was scared of the water but it was very rough..

Even though John took two balls they both want the same one daft dogs.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

We were at the park and Tim wanted to follow me about, every tree I went to he was there, I told him he could not leave p-mail on my trees.
I need not have worried he still squats daft dog, but I told him to stop following me .
He still followed so I hid while he was not looking.
I am peeping out behind the bush but he does not know.

There that's better he has gone, there is a big furbody I don't know.
I went to say hello It was a Lady so that was okay.
The Mop and Tim are still playing.

Monday, 22 February 2010

This is Tim he is seven months old and is looking for a new home, he is very friendly.
He has just been to the vets for the dreaded operation.
We were at the park and Oscar the Boxer and Dutch were playing I saw Dutch bite Oscars tail
I went and told them it was getting out of hand and they had to calm down. So they were much better after that.
Mopy Pip was asking John to throw his ball, every time John went to pick it up the Mop grabbed
it, so John ignored him.
So he took it to Oscars mum and asked her to throw it, then grabbed it when she went to pick it up. So he ended up just carrying it about.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

More good news, little Danny we had at Christmas, went to his new home just after Little Coco came and he is now called Eddie, so he has sent me an e-mail and picture.

Hi John and Brenda,

Remember me? Yes its Danny, although I’m now called Eddie, which I like quite a bit. My new owners couldn’t keep calling me Danny because three of the younger humans friends are called Daniel and it would be a bit confusing. I like my new home, I have a new little bed and a new collar. My owners think I’m gorgeous and are always cuddling me, especially the little ones. I’ve got a big garden to play in and I’ve also got other puppy friends. I haven’t been out much because the snow is so deep but I can’t wait to run around on the grass when the snow melts. I miss you both but I love my new home, I’ve been very good with my housetraining, I’ve only had one accident and I sleep all night after all the exercise I get playing with the children. Say hi to Holly, Pip and old grumpy pants Bobby for me.

See ya!


Thank you Paul and family for giving Eddie such a good home.

Friday, 19 February 2010

This is the little pup who came New Years Eve who could not eat or drink properly, she was so young. We named her Holly being Christmas time, she was homed and now called Coco, she was a bit of a clown so that's okay.
We have had a lovely e-mail from her new family and photos of her now.
We have had COCO as she is now named, for about a month now, so thought it was time we sent you a couple of photographs, so you could see how she is getting on.
She has settled in really well, and you were right, she is definitely a little character! She loves to play but loves her cuddles, especially from our young daughters.
The whole family, grandparents included, have completely fallen in love with her., and she is loved by us and a great addition to our family!
Graeme, Jayne, Sophie and Morgan .

That is great and looking at that little cheeky face Coco does suit her.

We would like to thank Graeme Jayne and family so much for the update on Coco, and for the home they have given her. Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hi mam Martha and Bailey here,
We are in Egypt, we went on a Nile cruise, and wore their traditional dress the Gallibaya for a special night we had a great time.
We went sight seeing but then the two boys got out of hand.
Pip was a bit quite at first because you mentioned his affliction, John had said nobody notices his ears. We lied and said we never noticed before, so we finally got him to start enjoying himself again.

Then Eric and Martha did a daft thing, they jumped on an ancient monument,so we are being escorted to the Airport and sent home
Eric is being flown straight to London,
We are flying to Newcastle to pick the car up, we will see you tomorrow, Pip is still upset about the ear comment, so he said he just wants to get home now.

How did those two get here.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Martha was supposed to take Eric home then drop Pip off, now where are they.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Well Lady is gone The Mop is at Martha and Bailey's their mum is sorting the pair of them out. Then Martha and Bailey are driving them home. Brenda has gone away to her mums again. I am fed up burnt sausage again tonight.
The good thing I got to lie in the patch of sun I could not get near before.
The sun was out so that was good it was still cold, we went to the beach just me and John, I even stamped my feet to make paw prints, there was only us there.
I looked about to see if any furbodys were about, I thought if I see one I will not grump if it wants to leave pee-mail, not one.

I said to John come on we will go home, I will ring to see if Martha and Bailey are on the way.

Martha and Bailey have left Scotland they are taking Erik home first then they will drop Mopy Pip off

They have been very naughty together and carried on shamelessly together, Pip will be in the dog house when he gets back. John said it is him who has led Eric astray.