Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Who told me this little Bess was 15 and 10months,
if she is I want what ever she has to eat.
John said he does too a boatload, no way
is this little Bess nearly 16 years old.
That is her away down the field.
Dippy Pip is sulking , he was happy
when he thought  they were very old
and would plod behind him, now he is at the back.
Next thing little Peggy passed me,
Bess shouted hurry up Grumpy Bob and Dippy.

They waited for me to catch up.

Then they said lets go and ran off.
This is them way down the field.
I could hear them laughing , Pip said I will go and
tell them they have to wait.
He ran and caught them up he said you must wait,
Bess said OK  but you boys are so slow.

But Peggy just laughed at him she said all
you think of is sniffing and pee-mailing.

 I went for my evening meal I said I will
eat now,  Bess ran in and said I will have
 seconds, cheeky,
Then we could not get near our grand kids,
so they like meeting people too.


Pedro said...

Oh Bobby! So nice of you to take in the old girls (even if they did show you guys up on the walk!) I hope there is a special forever home out there that will take them both.


Winnie said...

Those girls are so fast...... are you sure they are not part-Greyhound?

They're going to keep you on your claws I think.

Love and licks, Winnie

maureen rowntree said...

Im sooo pleased for them! They look so happy! Big kisses and hugs from maureen who they stayed with for a while. Kisses from my dog lily too. God bless you xxxxx

Basset Human Slave! said...

It just goes to show Bobby - age is just a number!
These two girls are still game.
Good work looking after them so well, we can see they like some humans to snuggle with too.
Martha and Bailey xxx

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

I like the photos of where you all walk.....or should I say where some of you run!!

Thank you for sharing!

lotsalicks Marvin xxxxxx

Wyatt said...

Yep, those girls are always in a big hurry to get somewhere!


Raycillient said...

Oh Bobby! Age is just a number! they are young at heart at least. Huggles and cuddles for all the dogs and a flying paw kisses to you :))