Monday, 9 September 2013


Ben is a great dog he does need to be close
if John goes upstairs Ben goes too.

Pip said you have to walk behind me.

Ben said sorry Pip I did not know.

 Another daft dog
We went to see Misty who we had on foster
and Johns brother adopted her.
We see her often but she had not seen Ben
Pip told Misty to tell Ben he had to be in goal.
Misty told him but he just laughed

Now we are all going to the park and look Pip
got pushed off the seat, all three wanted to sit
 next to John . Big Ben just sat there Misty
managed to stay on the seat. 
I was on my big Duvet in the back with all the
 room to myself. Why do we get all the daft dogs.

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Jo's World said...

You get them because you are just lucky, I guess. Say Bobby, its good to have you back on line again, its been a while, hasn't it?

If we were closer to you, we would adopt Ben for our second dog, he is very handsome and looks well mannered too. Until someone comes for him, I hope he will not be a push-over for Pip. She is sure bossy!

Cheers and hugs,