Thursday, 26 February 2015

We took Roly to my beach today, he stood
looking around for a long time.
Pip said to follow him to the water daft thing he said its nice and warm.
Roly did go into the water daft dog said it is warm.
Pip and Roly played about for ages then a wave came and Roly got extra wet.

 Roly said come on in Bobby  He must think I am as dippy as Pip.
I said I will take you to my wall, to read my
pee- mail.

 I think he liked my wall best, he read a lot and answered quite a few. 

             Pip is sulking he wants to go back to play in the water
and John said he has to stay with us and dry off. It was a nice warm day.
Yesterday was freezing and we are going to get gales tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Well John was trying Roly's recall, Ha! he
need not have worried a few treats in his
pocket and Roly will run over broken glass.  

I said no wonder he is called Roly .

Now he is telling John I called him Roly Polly.

He enjoys tearing about but stays close.

He keeps checking to make sure we are near.
Probably scared he misses a meal.

He plays in the house with John .
He is Schnauzer size tank.

Monday, 16 February 2015

 We took little Jack to my beach
he is another daft dog he chases
a ball.
Then he went to the wall with Pip.
I went so I went off to my wall and there was
my furend Susie. 
Jack went to John crying he had sand in his eyes.
 John had to wipe his eyes .
Then he wanted to chase a ball again daft dog.

I can not help but laugh at so many silly dogs.

It was Jacks last walk at my beach as he has
now gone to a new home.
Now look one furry butt go's and a furry face
walks in.
This is Roly more to follow.