Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I have just come to do the blog and I have seen the post Tilly did, I did not want any dog to know my real name. I feel quite upset now John said not to worry, but all the dogs in the park will call me Tess now. They will go cocking there legs up my trees and will not move when I grump at them.
I knew no good would come of teaching all the dogs how to blog.
Well I was not going to tell any body what John did, but I will now, Brenda went away on Friday and John got a dye your hair for men. He went into the bathroom and when he came out, Tilly The Mop and me fell about laughing. He had dark brown hair he did look funny, he said well this is the colour it was. On Saturday the pillow cases were all brown, so he had to put them in the washer. He washed his hair again, then we went to the park and he wore a hat so no one could see it.
Then when we came back he looked in the mirror and muttered something then went to wash his hair again. When he took his shirt off the collar was all brown. He spent most of the day washing his hair over and over and every time more brown came out. He wore a hat in bed so he would not make the pillow cases brown again, and has kept on washing his hair it is all out now. The dye not his hair, well I don't know his hair as well I think.
Now I feel a lot better now at least I did not chose my name, he did chose the dye. He He.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
I will not call you.... you know how.... you will be always Bobby for me!
I guess John did not have a good experience with that dying thing! Tell him "au natural" is better!
Kisses and hugs

happy said...

You'll always be Bobby to me! Perhaps John should let a professional do it for him.

Martha Basset said...

I could never think of you as anything other than Bobby. Don't worry Tilly was just a bit upset to be leaving you.
Tell John my mum said that at least he has got some hair - it could be worse!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha he only has about 2 hairs and a nit. I am sure the poor thing is holding them on his head. it probably does not want a new owner like us it thinks its fosterd.
Grumpy Bobby.

Simba said...

LOL, that dye went a long way didn't it! Mummy dyes her grey hairs all the time, but I'm not allowed to tell anyone ssshhh.

Simba x

Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh Bobby, don't worry about what Tilly said. Humans are not the brightest bulbs, and they clearly didn't look too closely at you to give you that name. My name at the SPCA was "Ducky". Once The Girl brought me home, I made her change it right away. We're not responsible for the names that people give us.

Poor John... it sounds as though something went wrong with the dye... The Girl dyes her hair all the time and it doesn't do that!