Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Look at this pair I know they are plotting something, they have walked about together all day, we went to the park. When we came back I jumped up to lie by John. I thought if they cause trouble for me I best be by John.

John was going to paint so he went to get changed, but as soon as he came back I got up beside him, so did the two gremlins.

I can not even have a little cuddle here, I might go to live in a card board box in London if no body adopts me soon.


Dannan and The Girl said...

Poor Bobby! Those two are certainly schemers, that's for sure!

I find that it's really effective to climb on The Girl's chest and stick my nose right up next to hers. She never ignores me when I do that!

I think you should also tell John that he needs to bring home a cat for you. They are SO fun!!

Happy WROO year to you and John and Brenda! (The Girl says I have to say it to the gremlins, too. Hrmph.)

Brown dog kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
Think about it twice! It is much better to deal with those two gremlins than living in a card board box!
Have a good night
Kisses and hugs

Achilles Wong said...

aw bobby.. you cant do taht! it would be too cold and you dont even have a coat with you. then again, if it were the mop, it would have been alright cos he has thick fur and thick skin.. BOL..

hehe.. why dont you master your super bark. that ought to fend them off john.

drooly kisses,


Martha Basset said...

Poor Bobby - dont leave home, at least John wont get you mixed up with the paint brush!
Basset kisses from Bailey & Martha xx

Simba said...

Its way too cold to live in a cardboard box!

Simba x

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

You need to call shotgun!

Byron y Xinver said...

OH don't call them GREMLINS... We think you'll have your chances...

lowdogs said...

Hi Bobby! We think you're secretly sweet and not grumpy at all. Cutie!
xoxo Basset kisses from the lowdogs