Friday, 17 June 2011

 Look a happy Bobby, we went camping, well in
a shed on wheels, it was better than a tent.

 I went in and claimed my bed first.
 John and Pip got one together,
Brenda will have to sleep in my little tent.
Its a good job I brought it.
We all had a little sleep then went to

There was great walks, it was a nature reserve
with lots of marsh land.
 We went to a look out platform, Pip was told not
to go in the water. He said I will drop my ball in
then I will have to go in to rescue it.

 So he did and in he went,  he swam about.
John shouted at him to come out.

He turned and swam back.
 He said in a muffled voice I just went to
save my ball.
 Now he is wet and stinky, but he still has
his ball. I can not believe John is so daft
as to think Pip did not drop it in on purpose.

This is the White water raft and canoe place
it was not doing anything while we were there.
They will practice for the Olimpic games

Pip was not allowed in when we got back he had
to have a wash.
Brenda was cooking our dinner, I was watching
the rabbits, they come quite close.
They are all over, daft Pip thinks they are
Yorkshire Terriers like him.
Some rabbits were bigger than him.
We are back now, I had a great time.


Sam said...

We always go camping in a tent, but I'd like to try an RV once! It looks like fun!


Winnie said...

Looks like you had a lovely holiday all together.

If I had seen any rabbits you wouldn't have seen my heels for dust!! How could you not chase them?

Love and licks, Winnie

Martha and Bailey said...

My goodness Bobby, aren't you the happy caravanner!
You have taken to it like a duck to water or perhaps like Pip to water!
That Pip should never be allowed back into the caravan - imagine if he were to get inside and shake!
Glad you all had a good time - did you manage to catch any rabbit for Brenda to cook?
Martha and Bailey xx

Stella said...

Bobby! You looked very much at home on your snuggy bed. I am happy for you all that you got a bit of vacation.

Does Pip think he is a Portugese Water Dog or a Labrador or WHAT? He is just so little to be jumping into the water and tearing around.

John is grateful for you, Bobby, that you don't do goofy things like Pip!


Two Pitties in the City said...

I don't think I"ve ever seen Bobby happier.

Anonymous said...

This is how life should be for all dogs - well done to John & Brenda

Lorenza said...

Sure you had a great camping time!
Pip! He will always do that, right?
I hope Brenda enjoyed sleeping in the tent! Hmmm...
Kisses and hugs

Ms. ~K said...

What a great time!
We love to camp in our shed on wheels too!

havetailwillwag said...

i want to share that bed with Bobby! He looks sooo comfortable :)