Saturday, 18 June 2011

We were not back from our holiday long,
when John went out, when he came back
Pip shouted we have a rabbit. It must have
 stowed away in the shed on wheels.

Then John brought it in, he said it is a Chihuahua dog,
He needs a home he is called Poppy.!!!!
Pip and I had to laugh Poppy for a boy dog.
Then John had to remind me my name was
Tess when I came.

Little Poppy has come straight from the vets
he has had the dreaded Operation.
So he got tucked in and we had to be quite

This morning he felt a little better so I told him
to follow me outside.
He had to have a t-shirt on he said he was cold.

He is very small for his age we think he is 2 years old.

                                            He had a quick wee then ran back in, he said he
                                          was still cold.

He knew where to go for food  that's why he
ran in.
Then he went back to bed again, he will be feeling
much better tomorrow.


Stella said...

Hello Bobby!

Little Poppy will never be a Poppy now that he has had the Dreaded Operation!

He looks like a pleasant little guy, except he is probably nervous over his Move and Surgery. He will settle down and you can have some fun with him.

I'm surprised Pip didn't try to pinch his bed, though. Didn't see Pip around at all!


Mr. Pip said...

Little Poppy is very sweet - and you are right, he is a little like a bunny! I hope he recovers quickly and feels much better in the morning.

Your pal, Pip

pam said...

Well now he's a right wee lad now isn't he?

bbes tribe said...

He is a cutie! We Like his little shirt. It was good of you to show him around. Chica and Lucas sometimes wear a little shirt or muscle shirt.
It will be good when he heals a bit.

Asta said...

I think little Poppy looks vewy lovabull and I hope somehooman will fall in love wif him and give him a pawfect fuwwevew home.
Can you pleez give him some of my healing smoochies fow his sowe pawts aftew the opewation?
I'm sowwy I have not visited again fow so long..mommi is totally unweliabull as a secwetawy.
I miss you when I'm not hewe
smoochie kisses

Winnie said...

You are doing a good job of showing Poppy around and looking out for him. Good boy, "Tess" - tee-hee!!! That made me laugh. Bobby suits you much better.

Love and licks, Winnie

havetailwillwag said...

i love that first photo of Poppy. He is way too cute!