Wednesday, 7 September 2011

This is Little Milo he is a Jack Russell
he is 11 months old.
He now needs a new home.

He has took Dippy Pips toy, so Pip has
a face like a wet week.

 We went to my fields and Pip told
Milo he had to  follow, and not go infront.
Milo ran back to john he said do I
have to walk behind Pip.
John said no, Pip always tries to lead.
 Milo ran back to me.
 He said I can lead Bob, cheek I said its
Bobby and remember that or you will
find out why Grumpy goes infront.
Now he ran past Pip he shouted follow me.

Now Pip passed Millo shouting I lead.
 Now Millo.
Now they have agreed to both lead,daft dogs
who do they think they are leading.
Milo is a very happy little dog, and he
comes back as soon as you call.
He was a little scared on the first walk,
but loves it now.
He pulls on the lead so will need some
heel work.
Milo likes to cuddle in.


Stella said...

Milo is cuter than cute. Can you Airship him to Minnesota? I will let him lead.

We have lots of toys too. Not allowed to chew them up though, save that for the bones.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

He looks like the dog from the mask with Jim Carey. He is very cute, and I just know he will find a home.
Sally Ann

Anonymous said...

oh he's lovely John. Peanut is doing fantastically. Hopefully get more pictures and a video taken and sent to you soon. Lorraine + Peanut x

Anonymous said...

He is a little beauty. Jack Russells are great!!!

havetailwillwag said...

aww milo is soooo cute and he looks like he has a fun personality too :)