Sunday, 11 September 2011

We took little Milo to my beach, he was
a little scared at first.
 But then he started to run about.
 He even went in the sea with Pip

Then we saw our furend Dexter the

Milo said he liked Dexter and he liked
Jessica Dexter's human.

I did a silly thing I went up some
steps and forgot how to get down.
Brenda came to get me.


Stella said...

Dexter is sure a cute little guy, and figures things out pretty fast, doesn't he?

I'm glad Brenda came to your rescue, Bobby, just like you do for lots of those little guys.


Asta said...

I'm so glad you and Pip encouwaged Milo to go and twy the beach. It looks like he weally enjoyed it and had a gweat time meeting Dextew too

whew, so glad you got wescood fwom that high place
smoochie kisses

Winnie said...

Hi Bobby

I am sorry I have not been to see you for a while. I have been a bit busy being a kangaroo and then a camel - as you saw - and my family have been a bit busy too. But I have just had a good read of all your news from recent weeks.

You are a lucky dog having your own personal fields and your own personal beach.

I had a good laugh at the shenanigans of Dippy Pip and Charlie and new Milo.

Love and licks, Winnie


Hee hee Bobby the great adventurer.. that's silly. Milo couldn't resist all the funtimes. !!! I wish I was there.

Martha and Bailey said...

Milo is very cute indeed - you guys have the cutests pups - well look at you and Pip.
What a great time you all had at the beach and it looks like Pip stayed out of the water!!!!
Dexter looks like fun.
Now we are a bit worried Bobby about your going up the steps and forgetting how to get down!
It can be hard getting older.........!!!
Take care you lot
Martha and Bailey xxx

havetailwillwag said...

dexter's a very fashionable one now isn't he :) heeheehee

Eric said...

Oh heck Bobby, stairs are sort of scary aren't they? I do that too sometimes. I mean would a legged go down stairs on the hands and knees head first like we do? Naaaaaa.

Bobby I left you a comment on your Aug 24th post about you van on wheels...go read....hoo boy I'm dogablog sobbin'.......

Eric xxxx